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November 2005


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Friends, welcome to the second WARPMART mailout for October. Loads of stuff this time around. We didn’t have time to do a proper update last time as we were very busy with all the Boards Albums, thanks for buying them and we hope you are enjoying it. No new t-shirts or DVD’son this one , just great music, but make sure you check the front of our site www.warpmart.com, as we have new album of the month and artist of the month features, plus a huge ongoing sale, segments for Jungle/Breakcore, Grime and various label features and T-shirt sales. Also expect some interesting freebies in your packages this month ­ while stocks last of course! Take care, Mart.

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at mart@warprecords.com.



  Jamie Lidell / Multiply
Warp Vision Packshot Excellent single from the album featuring one of the sweetest singalong tracks from the Jamie album of the same title gets the remix treatment from a selection of top boys in the game. Herbert brings a clattery housey mix, Gonzales brings out his old piano and gives the song a really effective and lovely gospel treatment but it's the hot chip boys featuring Tom Hopkins that bring the most interesting mix, they create a deep techno version, burying the vocals leaving them as a rhythmic layer, they then add a little off beat skank and leave the whole thing to build and simmer.
  Fourtet / A Joy Feat. Percee P, Koushik & Battles
Warp Vision Packshot Wicked 12" release of the album track ‘A Joy’ which is chock full of versions and mixes from the likes of Four Tet himself, new boy at Stones Throw Koushik and men of the moment Battles. The Koushik mixes are nice and psychedelic, the Four Tet mixes are approaching Russell Haswell noise land in places and The Battles mixes are just plain off it. The lead track is twice blessed by Percee P on the microphone to good effect.
  Ectomorph / Chromed Out
Warp Vision Packshot This single on the revived Interdimensional Transmissions label is an exploration of new sounds and textures with help of special guest Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid and DFA. In this mix of old and new, modern software meets crusty analogue kit and live performance is fused with sequenced music. Each song has developed naturally over time. Through numerous live show improvisations and studio sessions, a working fusion was found. Dark and psychedelic, 'XXX'' is an audible example of the ever-modulating membership of the Ectomorph collective.
  Perspects / Skillset : Parts
Warp Vision Packshot On Ectomorph's relaunched Interdimensional Transmissions label, The Perspects sound is punchy, analogue synthpop with brooding vocals and live percussive elements. Though early the early synth influences are apparent, the music doesn't sound retro.
  Marguerita’s + Pluton & The Humanoids / Margherita + World Invaders
Warp Vision Packshot One of the early 12"s from the Unclassics series gets a long-overdue re-issue. You get excellent rare Italo with live instrumentation and added vocoder from ‘Margueritas’ as well as ‘Pluton & The Humanoids’ excellent track ‘World Invaders’ which features brittle electronics and live brass!
  Carl Craig / Darkness + Angel
  Excellent new single from Carl Craig on deep synthy form with two slowish tracks of building synth patterns. Darkness has a watery glacial feel with heavy analogue bass sweeps whilst Angel is all about tension and release - a real heads down track. Very nice and a slightly new direction for Carl.
  Hrdvsion / Sick Memory EP
Warp Vision Packshot Mathew Jonson's Wagon Repair label returns with it's most electronica inspired outing yet! 5 melodic tracks come from Mathew's brother Nathan in his Hrdvsion guise and there's a clear influence from the early work of Plaid and Autechre here. This stuff is a lot simpler in construction than his recent remix of Dominik Eulberg but it's no less cutting as the emotional melodies unravel and the chunky beats chop away at your ears.
  RZA & MF Doom / Biochemical Equation
Warp Vision Packshot Rza on dramatic production with MC's Aesop Rock, Del than Funky Homosapien, Rza himself and MF Doom, big strings bringing the pain on one of Rza's best releases in ages.
  AM/PM / Also
Warp Vision Packshot Wicked new release from London's Dreck Records that's packed full of suspense and drama. Radovan Scasascia aka AM/PM and Secondo returns to his own label with three stunning tracks that continually shift between lighter and darker atmospheres. Many of these sounds come from the end sections of other records and the resulting instrumentations, keys and pitches are full of micro-tonal disharmonies, reminding us that the world is not just black or white but a complex, constantly changing environment.
  Pressure Feat. Warrior Queen / Money Honey
Warp Vision Packshot Kode 9's label Hyperdub goes from strength to strength with every release . This one is from Pressure featuring Warrior Queen who usually performs with the Bug, who also released an incredible album called Pressure on Rephlex (who Kode 9 recorded for as well). Go Figure. Two tracks, First side has an intro that invokes the spirit of Underground Resistance and a rising, speaker crushing bass sound that brings forth the verses. Pressure indeed. The remix has the same interstellar space' electronic feeling with tablas and a more straight ahead dancehall bounce. Warriors voice sounds richer than ever with an evil/cute edge. Unmissable and fresh.
  Epy / Zentrum
Warp Vision Packshot Hot new electro from Austria! DJ Glow's Trust label has been knocking out some of the fattest, wonkiest and interesting electro since it's creation back in 1998 and this is no exception. You get four tracks of evolving blips, bleeps and squiggles that are reinforced by solid 808 beats.
  Jeff Samuel / Flushes
Warp Vision Packshot Jeff Samuels debut release for the Parisian label Logistic Records feautures a re-issue of two classic, long-deleted tracks as well as two previously unreleased numbers from way back in the year 2000. With only a handful of different sounds and a top-notch production ethic Jeff’s tracks manage to create some of the funkiest, warmest and most exciting productions around without ever sounding cheesy. The ideas are always simple but they're executed with such grace and subtlety that you can't help but love these tracks!
  Heartthrob / Time For Ensor
Debut single from Brooklyn's Jesse Siminsk in his new Heartthrob guise. He's previously released records for Jay Haze's Contexterrior label and Underl_ne Records and this new work builds on those solid foundations. This is playful, swingy techno with a sharp sense of melody and a respectful pop sensibility that slots perfectly into the Minus roster.
  Eats Tapes / Supreme Master
This battering ram of an acid track will stop at nothing to perpetuate the out of context agenda of the Eats Tapes rave council. Also includes a burning anthemic acid soundclash remix from Kid606, and tech-house stompers from Caltrop and Portland ambient-disco superstar Strategy (Kranky, Nudge, Orac).
  Gui Boratto / Arquipelago
30 years ago Gui Boratto was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He's one of Brazil's hottest producers, musicians and remixers and since the mid 90's he's been creating numerous techno, house and pop projects. With Archipelago he's released his first record outside of South America for Kompakt's K2 sub-label. Both of the tracks would fit perfectly into any smart techno set as this is a slick, pushing and refined sound with an added touch of South America!
  Regis / Asbestos ( Sleeparchive Remix)
Autechre Draft 7.30 Great remix of Regis by the much-hyped Sleep Archive. This is dark, polyrhythmic techno that really shows what all of the hype's been about. On the B-side there's a tasty collaboration between david sumner, kero and karl o'connor which says on the darkside of things with a heavy, brooding atmosphere and some impressive modulating synth work.
  Robert Babicz (Rob Acid) / Organic Boogie
Autechre Draft 7.30 Stunning two track 12" from Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid. The title track is an incredible dry-funk workout that modulates all over the place and features some of the tastiest handclaps around. The flip is a classic techno builder with a hint of acid.
  Triola / Im Dubraum Teil 2
Autechre Draft 7.30 For the second Triola remix EP Jorg Burger aka The Modernist has invited a whole pack of noise experts to deconstruct his tracks. Pop ambient legend Dettinger makes a rare guest appearance, Mikkel Metal drops a trademark dub-techno stomper and Scape's Bus manage to create an incredible slowmotion funk track.
Fandango / Hot Shot EP
Autechre Draft 7.30 Belgian label Strobe Music launch their limited edition arm with this EP of well-produced, electro-infused techno that features some tough analogue synth programming and some great DMX crew style solos. Fandango offers a good mix of contempory electro-house and classic Italo disco sounds that's complemented by a more minimal remix from Delon & Dalcon of Boxer Sport fame.
Anders Ilar / Fholio EP
Autechre Draft 7.30 Anders Ilar mixes some acid into his usual glitchy dubbed out techno approach here to good effect - good to see these guys get into older sounds a bit as it spices up the set here a lot.
Various Artists / Idle Time
Autechre Draft 7.30 New release from Moodyman's Mahogani Music label concentrates on innovative deep house with a mix of live instruments and synths. Features tracks by Aaron Carl and Dwayne Morgan too.
Domu + Stacey Pullen / The Electric Institute
A two track DJ promo for the forthcoming Electric Institute album compiled by Kirk DeGiorgio. There's an old-school feel to this EP as the tracks sound a little like the early Plaid output - a combination of tight synth lines and slow breakbeats.
Mad Mike + Trinity / Scalper
Underground Resistance are back on form with this tasty two track effort. Trinity give us a lush tribal groove as a taster for their forthcoming album for UR and Mad Mike drops a short and sweet squelcher.
Dan Curtin / Double Crossed
It's old school form here but still it's top form, with Curtin keeping it warm minimal and funky over four heads down driving tracks.
Nudge / Stack
Downtempo abstract dubby business with live horns and squiggly electronics and just a touch of Augustus Pablo style melodica on Stack, whilst Div goes deeper into more post rock electronic layering and echoes. Lovely.



  AFX - Hangable Autobulb  
James Cotton The Dancing Box

On a foggy October Monday 10 years ago, in Sheffield, Warp records quietly released Aphex Twin a.k.a Richard D. James' 'Hangable Autobulb'project in it's original 2 E.P form. Much speculation surrounded this mythical release as only 1000 pressings were ever made on vinyl. Of course, in 1995, information wasn't as commonly shared on the worldwide web and so many enthusiastic punters didn't get to hear these strange beats. These were the first releases that marked AFX's experimentation with the dynamics, speed and programming that had evolved through the UK jungle scene morphing it into something entirely alien or rather, something entirely Richard D. James. This sound is one which many now find synonymous with Aphex Twin, defined by the landmark Richard D. James album, even though Hangable Autobulb was first to introduce it. The rest is musical history.

Gravenhurst / Fires In Distant Buildings  
James Cotton The Dancing Box 

Excellent new album from Gravenhurst who has really stepped things up a notch since the last release we think. This album is a definitive statement that will challenge many people’s conception of the band. Complex, filmic arrangements ‘Down River’ keep company with literate, romantic songwriting ‘Nicole’ and hypnotic, kraut-rock workouts such as ’The Velvet Cell’, The whole 50-odd minutes is suffused with competing themes of violence and deliverance, paranoia and epiphany, squalor and ascendance, peaking with the horrifying ‘Animals’. Following the epic ‘Song from Under the Arches’ ­a haunting exercise in restraint and ferocity- the album closes with a blistering appropriation of the Kinks ‘See My Friends’, drowning a three minute proto-psychedelic pop hit in a ten-minute sea of sonic chaos.

Secede / Tryshalsa  
Audion Kisses Dutch producer Secede releases with his second album after his debut on Merck. One of our personal high lights on this album is the excellent collaboration with Kettel who we like very much . Like the 1st release on Sending Orbs this album is a great pack lovely ambience and a rather sweet fairytale cover too.  
Ambarachi, Avenhaim / Clockwork  
Audion Kisses New on the excellent Room40 label, Oren Ambarchi is a name you'll heard of on a few record lately - his beautiful album triste on Southern Lord came out recently and he featured on the Sunn0))) album Black 1 which is one of the most terrifying things we've heard in ages in contrast. On this live cd he makes works with gongs and bells and percussion to make a cross between a gamelan sound and a bit of xenakis. Lively and enjoyable. Once again in excellent packaging.  
Djif Sanders /To Be A Bob/Dub  
Audion Kisses

Excellent stuff from Djif Sanders with a brilliant new album that covers everything, Dijf sings, plays the guitar, and programs the electronica, Jon Birdsong (Beck's trumpeter ) plays trumpet and the bass is played by Benjamin Dousselaere. Those who already know Dijf know that he's a guy who can’t be pigeonholed very easily. From moody jazzy tracks, including odd Doctor John parodies and crazy songwriter electronica, he's one of those artists that seem to have slipped under the radar for one reason or another, but this is great stuff.

Mouse On Mars / Live04  
Audion Kisses Mouse on Mars, really rock out on this live album that captures them track by track all over the world. When we say rock we meant the teutonic trancey wigouts of Krautrock rather than AC/DC. With a solid mix of live electronics and more trad riffery, it's interesting to see how MoM have changed since their inception and developed a more arresting live sound, it's all thoroughly good.  
Wolf Parade / Apologies To Queen Mary  
Wolf Parade are Sub Pop's latest signing, Guitarist/vocalist Dan Boeckner and drummer Arlen Thompson have played with the Arcade Fire, and Arlen is also in a two-piece with ex-Hot Hot Heat guitarist Dante Decaro. Together they make an album of effective anthems, ballads, and dance-floor crashers. But unlike many of their peers, they make the transition between spastic pop and Bowiesque theatricality without showing seams. Here, layered hooks and caffeinated-savant melodies are recollected in tranquillity.  
  DJ Rupture / Low Income Tomorrowland  
Excellent follow-up to the Minesweeper Suite mix from a few years ago. As ever the mixing is tight as hell and the tunes aren't too bad either! This time Rupture drops classic tracks from Dead Prez, MIA, Crimemob, Sizzla, Team Shadetek, Bong Ra and many more. Includes an additional 90 minute MP3 mix.  
  Jan Jelinek / Kosmicher Pitch  
Brilliant new outing from Jan Jelinek as he presents his personal take on the classic Krautrock sound. Previous releases as Farben and Jan Jelinek have seen him develop his electronic skills to maximal effect but for this record he introduces a lot more live instrumentation into the mix. Processed guitars and drums sit comfortably within Jelinek's sound palette as he builds and manipulates deep grooves and loops.  
  Saftey Scissors / Tainted Lunch  
The second album from Matthew Curry aka Safey Scissors continues with the theme set by his debut LP for Plug Research ‘Parts Water’. Most of the tracks feature a strong vocal element and this is classic pop songwriting combined with a deep love of electronic experimentation. Guests on the album include Vladislav Delay, Kevin Blechdom, Erlend Oye and Francois Cactus.  
  Magnetophone / The Man Who Ate A Man  
Mouse on Mars Radial Connectors Imaginative, layered space age pop that is similar to Broadcast and Stereolab but with a darker spacier more electronic vein running through it and a big 60's psychedelic influence to the overall sound. Imagine a big mixture of Silver Apples ,Hawkwind, the Doors and Joy Division and you're close to the feeling on this album. Lots of shredded analogue keyboards, drums running backwards and cold chords. Includes contributions from Kim and Kelley Deal from the Breeders and the Pixies and also James Yorkston on vocals. Excellent stuff. Artwork courtesy of Vaughan Oliver who did the excellent Pixies sleeves.  
  Malcom Kipe / Lit  

Raw instrumental hiphop fresh outta Austin, Texas from Skyler McGlothlin in his Malcom Kipe guise. He's probably best known for the tracks he's put out on Planet Mu, Rephlex, Systorm Technologies, Ninja Tune and Coredump under the Nautilis name however these understated, loop-based hiphop experiments are some of his finest.

  Jason Forrest / Shamelessly Exciting  
Following on from his 'Lady Fantasy' EP, the new album takes cues from the likes of Kid606 and Duran Duran Duran and that mashup thing from a few years ago but also seems to be significantly mature and well measured, featuring acoustic asides from Lauren Cantrell, 36 mashed together punk classics on 'My 36 Favourite Punk Songs' proggy breakcore on 'Dust Never Settles',whilst 'War Photographer' is guitars and bongo breaks. If it all feels decidedly poppy, it's because it is. Forrest has never been one to shy away from his love of poppification and this shows up more hardcore, darker producers of this kind of music for the bores they can be.  
Midaircondo / Shopping For Images  
Like a lot of new music coming out of Northern Europe, this release closes the gaps between Acoustic and Electronic music as MidAircondo combine unusual deep acoustic instruments with the kind of programming and synthesis that you might hear on a release such as Robert Normandeau's Rephlex release. The album features songs and set tracks with and without vocals, production by Andreas Tillander.

The Focus Group / Sketches and Spells  
Ghostbox are an excellent label from Julian House, designer of Broadcasts sleeves.They take an original and refreshing approach to design and electronic music ­ you can read more about them on the front of the Warpmart site wher there is a section dedicated to the releases . This one is the Focus Group, an album of buried memories, rural psychedelia and exotic timbre. From the sleeve " A collection of individuals.. an empty church hall, hoofprints, mirrors, echoes, sequences of ordered greenery, televisual images, fonties and ortres. They make sounds for what we see, experiments with wood, glass and air for half-formed things. These small shards and movements can be scooped together and rolled into a shape something like a place or landmark. from The Tangled Beams ; M.B. Devot

Everyone In Grime / Lord Of The Decks 3  
Wicked number 3 in the now legendary Lords of the Decks series. If you remember skateboard videos, surfing videos etc this format is the underground scene's grimey equivalent. Over 3 hours of footage on 2 dvds and a cd as well featuring the cream of the scene. Features candid interviews, freestyles, music videos like the ones on Channel U and live pa's . Mc's featuring are Jammer, Kano, Earz, Roll Deep, Dizzie Rascal, Lethal B, D Double EShystie, Plasticman, Lady Sovereign, Durrty Goodz, Bruza and shit loads more.

Animal Collective / Feels ltd edition  
Feels’ is undoubtedly an adventurous and beautifully flowing album. Running the gamut of emotions, it is by turns melancholic, hypnotic, caustic, woozy, overjoyed, introspective, 3 of the opening 4 tracks blast out an infectious sense of urgency and growing confidence ­ driven by pounding drums and yelping and hollering vocals; ‘Bees’ and Daffy Duck’ are slow-glowing ‘ambient’ sprawls; ‘Banshee Beat’ is as stunning as any track we’ve heard this year ­ both physically and emotionally it’s deeply affecting - a heart-melting, slow-spreading tingle of a track that positively demands a foot-shuffling reaction; ‘Loch Raven‘ builds around a sparkling jewel of an Aphex like electronic melody, piano notes, padding drums and vocal interplay; whilst ‘Turn Into Something’ neatly rounds off the album by spanning an arch from high energy exuberance to a slow, languorous immersion. ‘Feels’ pushes Animal Collective’s challenging and changing agenda on to the next level, and confirms the band’s place as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking modern bands. This is a ltd edition double cd with a live concert recording as well !  
  Steve Reid Ensemble feat Keiran Hebden / Spirit Walk  
Awesome album of heavy experimental jazz from Detroit drummer Steve Reid who also has two excellent compilations on Hefty records which we have in the sale section from a few years back. This one features electronics from Kieran Hebden also known as four tet, and is a bit more adventurous than previous things, taking in the sound of people like Pharoah Saunders at full throttle, drum pieces with chanting and a remake of the absolute classic Lion of Juda, which featured on Soul Jazz's amazing Universal Sound of America album.  
  Todd Dockstader / Aerial#2 / Sub Rosa  
Todd Dockstader is an electronic original and one of the early electronic composers. This is the second in the series of new recordings he has made using processing and shortwave material - it's incredible - we have the first one in stock too.  
  Various / Mutant Disco 3  
Trolley'd experimental disco - or a subtle dislocation from the norm. Off kilter electro funk, surreal disco and latin flair over this selection of recordings from the legendary Ze Records. Includes 'Dream Baby Dream ' by Suicide, Ron Rogers, Aural Exciters, A Larry Levan mix of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Cristina and other strange and interesting stuff!  
  Kero / Logistics  
Kero brings a crunchy slice of future techno on his fine full length CD for Neo Ouija . The album is full of tracks with stuttering glitchy beats & minimal Funckarma like jerkiness that also recalls dark, mid period Skam, Sabres Of Paradises more tech-ey moments or even a darkside Arovane. Crunchy abrasive and full of fun.  
  Lokai / 7 Million  
New on this Mego Offshoot, lokai's music tunes and tones merge and diverge. Guitar and software combine in compositions that stray to and fro across the borders between analogue and digital, structure and instability, music and sound. Parts of songs - loops, melodies, chords - float like moody jellyfish in electronic space. musical threads fly apart and reconvene in unresolved clusters. There's always another twist of the kaleidoscope to come. With ears sharpened in Vienna, Stefan Németh and Florian Kmet carry their musical baggage lightly, edging their work into thickly textured explorations of states of uncertainty.  
  Greg Davis / Paquet Surprise  
Their love of sound brought them together. The Atlantic Ocean kept them apart. Until now…

After over a year of internet exchanges of ideas and sounds, Parisian Sebastien Roux and Vermonter Greg Davis decided to put their love to the test. Combining their interests in psychedelic music, digital processing, folk, sunshine pop, musique concrete, ethnic sounds, drones and field recordings, Sebastien (who works at the famed computer music institution IRCAM) and Greg (who holds two degrees in music and composition) have created a dynamic musical journey full of joy and surprises. Whether it’s large rocks being thrown into a stream, Sebastien singing or Greg playing the double mijwiz, diverse sound worlds come together in this “surprise package”. Open it and enjoy!
  Various Artists / Microsolutions to Megaproblems #1  
Strong compilation on Soul Jazz records of Quality electronica spanning the whole range from two step off beat oddness like Kit Clayton's track here, Souly buisness like ammoncontact, daedelus, minimal clicks and cuts and warm minimal house from Tim Exile of all people. Along with strqange ambience from Hu Vibrational and an offering from kid 606 it's one that you don't want to miss.  





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