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Hello and welcome to the second of our November mailouts - We trust you are well and not getting colds, sit tight as there's some extra special things coming soon which we'll hopefully be able to reveal in the next mailout . For now, if you go to the front of the Warpmart site by clicking on the link here: Warpmart you will notice that there are several new features. There are new tabs with a dedicated section for DVDs and merchandise plus new ones for our featured artists and labels of the month. We are running these new sections month on month to highlight artists and labels that we deal with and think deserve some time in the spotlight. As well as that there are regularly updated sidebars for Sale Stock, Grime, Breakcore and the re-issues of funk disco etc classics we have. We hope this makes it easier for you to find specific products.

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at mart@warprecords.com.



  Boxcutter / EP
James Cotton The Dancing Box Hotflush flip the script on this one with an artist who's interpretation of dubstep, grime couldn't sound more like Squarepusher if he took up the challenge himself. Well Squarepusher hasn't and Boxcutter has and this is a good thing as this record is on one differently. Sunshine is the jazzier more melodic track while brood brings in the big fat bass lines - just the way we like it! He's rumoured to have a record out on Planet-Mu next year too!
  2 AM/FM / Pt.1
James Cotton The Dancing Box Incredible, heavy-as-hell, dark and grungy techno from the dude responsible for Dabrye and James T Cotton. This is quite slow stuff combined with huge spacious and dark atmospheres somewhere in between Belgian New Beat at it's heaviest, early Coil and the Mover at his sickest. This is one hell of an EP - would have been perfect for Halloween. Sensual but in a slimey way!
  Peter Grummich / The Roll
James Cotton The Dancing Box Another Enormous slow monster from Spectral, this one is quite elasticated in typical Grummich style but with a real pumping heaviness to it - almost like a beefed up juggernaught electroclash style but better than that cos it's got heavy acid and chest tearing sawtooth bass.
  Magnetophone /Benny's Trip (Sonic Boom Mix)
James Cotton The Dancing Box Pink Vinyl, epic record from one of this years most interesting bands who's album has been on rotation a lot here. Sonic Boom used to be in Spaceman 3 and it shows. This is a brilliant track propelled by Vintage analogue synths, extremely trippy and repetitive in the way that early My Bloody Valentine was but crossed with a kind of Neu! style Krautrock sensibility and Radiophonic Workshop white noise style trippy effects. Very good and very long pink vinyl. What more could you ask for. Now go under!
  Isan + Tomcat / Awkward 21
Audion Kisses Excellent limited edtion 3" cd featuring Tom cats in Tokyo's Metamorphine a sharp edged shape shifting aggressive track that constantly mutates. The track is given a soothing remix by Isan who manages to draw away the sharp edges leaving a shimmering sinister remix. It's a very good release from this smart label.
  Kill Memory Crash / The Doorway (Hacker Mix)
Audion Kisses Big acid number from Kill Memory Crash coming over like a Claustrophobic 303 obsessed FRon 242 . On the flip the hacker does a job that really does sound like prime EBM . Tasty if not a bit retro compared with some of Ghostly/Spectrals other totally fresh releases.
  Birdengine / EP
Audion Kisses Birdengine is the name Mr Lawry Joseph Tilbury chooses to make music with. He hails from the Dorset countryside and began making music as a child, venturing at night into the fields and forests surrounding his childhood home, with a broken nylon guitar, a record player and a couple of carefully scratched and doctored records, performing his ramshackle and melancholy sound for only himself, the woodland creatures and the moon. His music ranges from soft and slow waltzes to thick electronic dirges all retaining that distinctive weird, sad and isolated Birdengine sound. This EP sounds like the culmination of Coil and My Bloody Valentine collaborating via some third unknown supernatural force.
  Owusa & Hannibal Feat Morgan Geist / Delirium
Audion Kisses Superb EP of future style soul, if you enjoyed the recent incarnation of Jamie Lidell you will love this. Delirium is treated to three takes, the original which is a piece of Jdee style off beat shuffley hip hop but with a synthy housey feel, Up Hygh Remix is all slidey rhythms and bright keys, like 'When I Come Back Around' and The Morgan Geist mix freely mixes up the sound of early 80's electronic soul, with a touch of gentle disco. The other track 'What's it about' is a wicked salsa flavoured peice of soul, very unusual, like a song Prince would have made had he been born 15 years later. Overall this is an excellent EP.
  Gregory Isaacs + Kid 606 + DJ C / Outta Jail
It's Gregory Issacs that gets the shockout treatment with a reversion of his classic Outta Jail , you know the one that starts with the lyrics 'I was taking a sip from the chalice of peace'. The 606 mix is a bit rubbish to be honest, can't hear the vocal, bit of a lame attempt to do a rhythm and sound, but the strategy mix is better, 8 bit dancehall style But it's the Dj C mix that's worth the asking price alone, tight, taut jungle thing, with a dub version too - excellent!
  Ultimate Force / I'm Not Playing
Ulitmate Force, a teenager named Diamond D teamed with Master Rob as Ultimate Force, Diamond D would later become a legend among Hip Hop Producers, and though Jazzy Jay is credited as the producer, the bluesy break on "Im Not Playing" screams early Diamond. An incredible debut 12-inch that showed promise of the what the now-legendary producer on the mic would become. This is a record that people such as Dj Shadow have big things to say about, it's a warehouse find so it's pretty darn limited.
  A Guy Called Gerald / Is Man In Danger
Gerald is back in Jungle mode fighting the war against cheesy watered down breakless Drum and Bass with this two tracker. One side is vintage break based jungle with some tasty edits and studio trickery while Side 2 veers on the side of Dubstep interestingly enough.
  Danger Doom / Sofa King + Mince Meat
Two of the standout tracks from the recent Danger Doom album get a single release via US label Epitaph. You get the original version of both tracks, instrumentals and a fatter remix of Sofa King
  Roman / So Ghost?
Three remixes on one single - the Lo Soul Mix is the best, turns the original into some kind of housey drunken chorus, very strange, ghostly and slightly great. Pascal Schafer remixes Skiver and Tonetraeger get a bit more digital - the Schafer mix still carries the original song intact.
  DJ Assault / G-String
Filth, pure Filth as the ever direct Dj Assault tells us exactly what he likes.. Mixes from Deekline in a breaky style and Paul Blackford who has recorded for Breakin and drops a precise ravey electro mix.
  Common Factor / That Was Then
Awesome ep on Playhouse from Common Factor outta Chicago . Common Factor is best known for his releases on Carl Craig's Planet E and Glasgow's Soma label - here he delivers three excellent vintage tracks of skittling funky techno for ace label Playhouse!
  Robert Hood / Hoodmusic1
Ultra-minimal masterclass from techno pioneer Robert Hood. Four tracks of stripped down, punishing beats and subtley building sounds that swing in and out of the foreground and get straigt to the point.
  Kone-R / Knob
New Numbered and Limited edition single from Uncharted Audio's new signing Kone-R. One side is Dark and gentle, the other is dark and strange.
  Quench / Punctuated
Very reasonable six track ep on marbled vinyl highlighting the relaxed electronica of Quench's new album of spaced out tranquillity.
  Skream / Acid People
Warp Vision Packshot The legendary Dubstep label, who through the guidance of Hatcha, introduced Skream, Benga, Digital Mystikz and Loefah to the world is back with an ep from Skream that never saw the light of day. Four excellent tracks of technobassical Dubstep here from man of the moment Skream.
  Richie Hawtin/Tunnel + Twin Cities
Warp Vision Packshot Excellent single from the mix album and dvd we are all getting right into here at warpmart. Two very minimal tracks for a very reasonable price.
  Rob Acid / Mister Head
Warp Vision Packshot Two deep and exciting tracks from Robert Babicz also known as the master of the 303, Rob Acid. Here you get a subtle splattering of 303 complementing some killer, building riffs and fine beat work, all polished off nicely by some of the best production skills around. Kompakt's new sublabel K2 keeps on getting better and better, pushing the edgy, exhilarating end of the Cologne techno spectrum.
  Ben Parris / Double Wimpfighter EP
Warp Vision Packshot Debut EP from Ben Parris featuring two tracks of boings, grunts and gurgles that delve deep into the minimal techno sound featured on the recent Hawtin mix. Musique concrete style found sounds mingle with slammin' basslines and bulbous beats to create a devastating and disorientating take on the techno aesthetic. Includes an electro tinged take on the proceedings from Hawtin's partner in crime Magda.
  1L / Startin' Somethin'
Warp Vision Packshot Debut vinyl outing from New York's 1L who's previously knocked out a tasty remix for Ed DMX, produced a load of music for computer games and TV and released a bunch of CDs via his own Res-Freq label. This is top-notch raw and funky electro that combines a love for the dancefloor with a sense of humour, here you get five tracks including a wicked cover of Michael Jackson's 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin''.
  Surgeon / Klonk
  After a 5 year break from releasing records due to a ridiculously hectic DJ schedule Surgeon returns to the scene with a cracking new 12" of clunky, punishing techno on Dynamic Tension records.
  Lief Ryan / Unhealthy Living
Warp Vision Packshot After several years as resident DJ to some of Barcelona's most renowned clubs and co-owner of Newtone Records, Lief Ryan moved to Manchester to set up the his own Growth label. It's taken him a while but it was surely worth the wait as this second release is packed full of high-class wonky techno that's heavy on the bass. This is reminiscent of Tim Wright's Tube Jerk output with it's fine attention to detail and careful splicing of techno and breaks production techniques.
  Gosub / Low Volume Lovers
Warp Vision Packshot Excellent EP of glacial, well-built and complex electro that reminds of the cold sounds of early ectomorph or Drexciya, but with more rigidity. The ep is by Shad T. Scott from Miami's Isophlux records. Even though the record is cold its beautiful and melancholic 4 track release, the closing track strips everything down to pulses and chords. It's also no very nice clear vinyl.
  The Consumer / Financila Advisory
Warp Vision Packshot The Consumer presents an electro ep going from the simple and raw oldschool side of electro to the more fine and digital sound combined with a lot of mad and strange dark lyrics. The consumer sound is pretty unique, sounding simple but with lots of details that make a real difference.
  The Moderator / Reversed Evolution
Warp Vision Packshot Solid, melodic techno/electronica from Dutch artist The Moderator that's a pleasing combination of Detroit and Euro styles. Previously he's released stuff on Djax-up-Beats, Downlow Music, Keynote and AW-Recordings however this is his best one yet, you get two 4 to the floor clubbier tunes and two more downbeat electronica numbers.
  Lindstrom / Violent Group
Warp Vision Packshot Hans-Peter Lindstrom returns with two versions of Violent Group. The first version is a satisfyingly loose funk inspired techno track built on a massive groove that's supplemented by several interlocking instrumental parts played by Lindstrom himself. The second version is a discofied mix that strips the groove down and adds in some extra wobbly synth lines and emotive strings.
  Automan 14 / Dream Machine + Pinch Roller
Warp Vision Packshot Another collectable Automan 12 " with two very good pressings. Disco Dream & The Androids' "Dream Machine" is one of those Italo disco tracks which hails from Canada, a 1979 production filled with the kind of jet hisses and lazer noises that one associates with Lindstrom . Slang's "Pinch Roller" has the strange mixture of Italo electronic disco with Spanish guitars and mariachi embroidery, making for a track that almost immediately reminds the listener of exotic utopian 70's pornography. Well me anyway (Sorry)
  Automan 15 / Disco Computer + Privacy
When Telex split up one of the things that came out was the forming of Transvolta who made this incredible piece of Kraftwerk inspired dance music, 1979's "Disco Computer", a deep hypnotic vocoder and synth duet. On the FlipEast Wall's "Privacy" uses the kind of synthesized trancey strings that a prototype Detroit cut may have borrowed and with the synth-vocal it sounds more refined than the early house and techno it probably influenced One of the best Automen so far.
  Jeff Mills / Blade Runner
When Jeff does it right it's righter than anyone else. This 3 track ep is inspired by the film Bladerunner, Track one Deckard is the banger, a shapeshifting, pounding stream of unstoppable information. Track two Human lights Device is classic minimal Mills, all slight of Rhythm manipulation and cavernous heads down depth, a very strong track indeed.
  Elektrabel / Trefa
Strictly Limited release on this offshoot of Jeff Mills label Axis. This is strictly banging stuff all aggressive loops and madness. Machines has a massive bass line underneath it which is guaranteed to shake breastplates and septums everywhere.
  Norken / Future Blue EP
Lee Norris of Metamatics fame returns with an icy slice of cold, futuristic techno in his Norken guise.

Autechre Draft 7.30 The Chelmsford Film Society are a group of mates who make films, Sara Chew, Rachel Ball, Phil Thompson, Sanna Charles, J Valentine and Squarepushers brothers Andy Jenkinson (Ceefax Acid Crew) and Jonny Jenkinson. They make strange short films and have put together a compilation of them which is over 2 hrs long. It's a total bonus at 6 pounds sterling and something we thought you might be interested in. It's also odd to see Andy Jenkinson act!
Cassette Boy T-shirts!!! Three Different Colours!
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  Piano Overlord (Prefuse 73) / The Singles collection 03 - 05  
James Cotton The Dancing Box

This is a delightfully packaged collection of Scott Herren's singles as Piano Overlord. What you get here are the three Piano Overlord singles and an additional Diplo mix, presented on 150g gatefold vinyl or in a rather special CD case. The deal with Piano Overlord is that it's more like Scott Herren's early Savath and Savalas stuff (The Bees and the Honey ) etc, all 70's keyboard jazz reflections, live drums and warm freeform psychedelia mixed with a touch of Prefuse 73's MPC techniques. It's really very lovely, these feel like proper songs, thoughtful, quite serene and timeless.

Carl Craig / Fabric Mix 25  
James Cotton The Dancing Box Excellent Excellent mix from Carl Craig dropping Afro techno from the likes of Trickski, Kerri Chandler, Blaze, Scott Grooves, Tokyo Back Star, Megablast, Africanism and Just One. Detroit's own Dark Comedy's 'Good God' and Carl's own 'Angel,Caya Dub, and Darkness get a look in too, as well as Ying Yang Twins's Whisper Song! What gives this mix something that other mixes cannot capture is Carl himself really getting into it, whooping and grunting and generally feeling the force of the music he's dropping. This gives the whole mix an intimate feel, like a really really excellent lost radio mix tape. All in a classy metal tin as well.  
Pierre Bastien / Pop / Rephlex  
James Cotton The Dancing Box 

Excellent New Album from the unclassifiable Pierre Bastien, whose process of making music is completely unique. Basically Bastien builds a kind of mechanical Orchestra he calls a mechanium, the orchestra is made out of the children's toy Mecanno. These instruments play loops on instruments, record players etc whilst he plays pretty melodies over the top on his trumpet or some other exotic instrument. The sound is approaching clicks and cuts style glitch but with a more analogue depth, stranger rhythmic forms and the feeling that the whole thing could fall apart at any moment. In fact the album would make a wonderful soundtrack for the mechanical worlds created in the Jeunet and Caro films like 'Delicatessen'. This is his second album for Rephlex, this one is perhaps more poppy as the title suggests, melodies and textures build more . You can also catch him live with Squarepusher on a National Tour. Seeing this live is needs to be seen to be believed, it's incredible.

Clifford / Kealoha / Running Taper / Polyfusia  
Audion Kisses Excellent new album from Mark Clifford (Ex Seefeel, Disjectia) and Simon Kealoha (Calika) The album is a beautiful and complex arrangement of guitar and electronic sound, approaching the music of both artists, with a nod towards the work of people such as Christian Fennesez and older composers such as La Monte Young and Steve Reich, sounds quite different played loud and quiet.  
Bod / Words & Music  
Audion Kisses Here comes Bod. Any person over a certain age, about 25 or so, who grew up in the UK with a television will remember Bod, an extremely odd cartoon with a very idiosyncratic set of characters. Trunk records presents the complete words and music of this odd classic for the first time on CD. Everyone will remember the famous theme tune plus episodes and interviews with the writer John Le Mesurier and Derek Griffiths too. Lovely, will appeal to your inner child, actual children and Cannabis users too!  
Mr 76ix / Hits of 76ix Part 2 / Skam  
 Audion Kisses

Mr 76ix's new album of mashed up ravey madness, this is an essential release from Skam, Now Available on Full Colour Compact Disc!

Earth / Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method / Southern Lord  
Audion Kisses We're mentioning this again as it's just been made available on High Quality Double Vinyl in an exquisite gatefold sleeve. This is also in our opinions one of the best records of the year , with a really unusual and affecting sound, attitude and everything, you will be rewarded.  
  Thomas Brinkmann / Lucky Hands . Max Ernst.  
Excellent new lp from Thomas Brinkmann who's production style we are big fans of here. His sonics always seem to be ridgid and hard, but with a strange way of immitating other warmer sounds which give his tracks a feeling all of their own. The album then sounds superficially minimal and sparse but the timbre of the sounds gives them some weight. Some very good things on here - the Tusia Beridze voiced 'The More You Ignore Me' (Yes it's a Morrisey Cover) is arch and strange, like being seduced by something dangerous. The reshape of Django Reinardt's Charleston is even stranger, the 4/4 reshape makes the whole track sound angular noisy and extreme.  
  Robin Fox & Clayton Thomas / Substation  
Apart from being recognised as two of Australia_s leading improvising musical forces, Clayton Thomas and Robin Fox are also acknowledged for their unrelenting experiments and divergent acoustic approaches in relation to their instrument of choice. Over the past 3 years, Robin Fox has developed some of the most powerful live processing tools in Australia through his research with MAXMSP. Clayton Thomas on the other hand has expanded his performance styles, moving between blistering free jazz explosions to introverted and delicate expanded preparations on his 100 year old double bass. The results of this pairing, as you_d expect, are as diverse as they are spectacular. Unrelenting double bass movements are reprocessed into microtonal washes of sound ® vibrated objects are transformed into uncharacteristic acoustic phenomena. This record expands on the techniques of electro-acoustic traditions and aligns both acoustic and electronic sounds in an integrated sonic environment where the lines between player and machine, instrument and processing are blurred and redefined.  
  Tulsa For One Second Remix Project / Aesthetics  
Tulsa for one Second was Pulseprogramming's lovely album of well crafted warm electronic songs. This Compilation goes in for some interesting and excellent remixes. Starting with Sylvain Chauveau's beautiful strings piano and warm syth mix of Within the Orderly Life' which is all warm sadness and space. The album includes remixes by well known and less know artists from all over, Barbara Morgenstern with a strictly Vocoder operation, Schnieder T. M, Hood with a mix that sounds like Jesus and Mary Train in a good mood, Nudge, City Centre Office's Static and others . High Quality.  
  Detrius / Origin / Ad - Noiseam  

Detritus's second album, žOriginÓ, takes a combination of clean and powerful drum'n'bass, deep strings and emotion-ridden melodies to make an album that has a human feeling but very driven beats. But Detritus's talent doesn't only lie in his ability to suggest beauty. Written continuously over the course of two years, the production is of an extremley clear and high level, one that puts most producers creating music in this area to shame.

  The Dolls / Music by The Dolls / Huume  

The Dolls are Vladislav Delay aka Luomo, Antye Greie aka AGF and Craig Armstong the classical piano composer who has worked on films like Ray and Moulin Rouge and previously collaborated with the likes of Madonna and Massive Attack. Each bring their own skills to the project as Armstrong's fragile piano playing sits perfectly with Delay's gentle, free jazz-inspired bass and percussion work and the soft vocals of Greie.

  Pigna People / Let Em Talk / Pigna  
Pigna People is the name of a band by three of Italy's top producers , Marco Passarani, Fracnesco de Bellis. Marco himself should now need little introduction. Releasing his first 12ž on Alan Oldham's Generator label in 1993, Marco has gone on to release for I-f's Inter-ferred, Rephlex, Skam, Antzen, Plasmek and his own Nature and Pigna imprints. Francesco de Bellis is one half of the DJ/production duo Jolly Music and Mat101.However, also known as «Mr. Cisco' he has released three Pigna EP's, 12s on Nature. Mario Pierro is the taller half of the Jolly Music/Mat101 production team as well as being the singular mind behind Raiders of the Lost ARP who released the Detroit techno and electro influenced album «4' on Nature last year. This album is everything you would expect from these three excellent producers, as Pigna mix up twisted chicago house, classic techno, disco, funk and of course a healthy dose of Italo goodness, all played with joy and spirit.  
The Orb / Okie Dokie / Kompakt  
The Orb return with their 13th album and this time it's for Cologne's Kompakt label. You get 14 tracks from the current Orb pairing of Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann with additional assistance from Schneider TM and Kompakt's Ulf Lohmann. The first half of the album shows off the pairs interest in the current state of techno with some wicked Orb-style interpretations of the latest sound trends whereas the second half is firmly reserved for their classic ambient style  
  Murcof / Rememberanza / Leaf  
Excellent new album from Murcof. The usual format of cuts/clicks orchestral samples are all here, except the beats are kept to a minimum and the devastating power of dramatic spaces, sinister, sad strings are the feeling. Murcof's music is intensely sad on this occasion, truly moving in places and full of deep loss. Tellingly it's dedicated to his mother, something of a requiem.  
  Various / Famous When Dead 2 / Playhouse  
Playhouse is a label that has distinguished itself over the last few years. The standout moment comes from 2 Lone Swordsmen's brilliant take on Dexter by Ricardo Villalobos that is one of their best explorations of the guitars and drums sound. Tracks on this compilation explore various interesting and diverse modern takes on techno, house and disco from Recloose, Captain Comatose, Spektrum, Isolee, Max Mohr, Losoul, Isolee, My My, and Rework.Many of these tracks are also exclusive to the compilation.  
  Various/ The In Kraut / Marina  
Excellent compilation of 20 mindblowing Beat, Now Sound, Soul and Soundtrack nuggets from Germany recorded in the 60's and 70's, if you've ever heard some of the Black Forest Jazz, stuff like the ultra rare Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra, Wolfgang Dauner, The Boots France Gall etc you'll know what we're talking about. Excellent stuff with a lovely booklet featuring biographies and the original brilliant sleeve art. Unmissable for fans of exotica, soul, breaks and funk.  
  Various / Box Jams pt 2 / Clone  
Another excellent volume of the Box Jams Compilation series from the always excellent clone label - where the last one concentrated on expanding the groovy, sleazy sound of electronic disco this one moves towards Chicago house with tracks from Alden Tyrell, Tyrell vs Pauli (both unreleased), Putsch 79 (unreleased) and jacking tracks by Salamandos aka Legowelt (taken from a very limited test pressing on Bunker), Orgue Electronique and the obscure undiscovered Marcuss Mixx who had his Missing Dog label in the late 80's (a new unreleased edit). Superb.  
  Dandy Jack / Los Ciete Constigos / Perlon  
Triple LP from Dandy Jack via the Perlon label. Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Dandy Jack first came to our attention via the Atom Heart's Rather Interesting label. Since then he's had a number of releases for labels like Contexterrior, Perlon, Force Tracks and Telegraph and collaborated with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Pink Elln. This new release is cracking stuff that takes the classic Perlon clunk and grind sound as it's starting point and then veers off in various inspired directions. Cutting, intricate rhythms are played on clonky latin percussion and a variety of burps and scrapes carry things along with humour and grace. There's plenty of nice melody work and the woozy, seasick feel that defines so many Perlon records has been used to full effect.  
  Various / Pop Ambient 2005 / Kompakt  
Latest in Kompakt's Pop Ambient series features sublime ambient tracks from the likes of Triola, Mikkel Metal, Dirk Leyers of Closer Musik, Ulf Lohmann and more.... Standout moments come from the Kohncke/Heimermann cover of Fleetwood Mac's Albatross, an exclusive Orb track and Klimek's cover of the Satie masterpiece Gymnopedie #1.  
  Terrace / Interesting Times / Evolute  
Excellent new album from comeback kid Stefan Robbers, one of the unsung heroes of the group of Europeans that were inspired by the Detroit techno scene to make their own version back in the day. This new album has a wider breadth of production that the music he used to produce If you checked out the excellent single earlier this year you'll know the style, precise, complex music for the head and feet that takes in all kinds of elements like Italo disco, acid, Soundtrack strings but with an emotional depth and feel for sounds that's all Robbers own.  
  65 Days Of Static / One Time For All Time / Monotreme  
Following the release of their widely acclaimed debut album 'The Fall of Math' in 2004, 65daysofstatic spent several months touring the UK, playing to packed venues and festival tents. They recorded three radio sessions for BBC Radio 1 - for the late John Peel, Zane Lowe and a live from Maida Vale Studios 40-minute set for Huw Stephens. They were also 'artists in residence' on John Kennedy's XfM X-Posure programme. 'One Time For All Time' was written on and between tours and is a mixture of confusion, guilt, exhaustion and anger. Furious drum'n'glitch beats collide with walls of guitar noise, broken laptop clicks and tranquil pools of piano. There are still no words. The band are still trying to articulate all that stuff that no-one's really invented words for yet.  
  A-Z Rotator /Science of Chance / Ad Noiseam  
Science of ChanceÓ is a careful selection of tracks written by AZ-Rotator over two years, presenting a range of interest and talent. Dominated by a very crisp and precise constantly changing sound but with a melodic core, these tracks are counterpoint to the current retro analog sound, There is definitely more science than chance on his album.  
  Carl Craig / The Album Formerly Known As / Rush Hour  
Newly released album of tracks from Carl Craig's Landcruising era Features versions and dubs from that time and album. Features the unreleased 'Sparkle' and new ambient versions of 'Technology' and 'Home Entertainment', plus 'Technology' (original), 'They Were', 'Mind Of A Machine', 'Science Fiction', 'One Day Soon', 'Landcrusing', 'Einbahn', and 'Home Entertainment' (original), "A Wonderful Life" (alternate version), Technoloambient (Max Dub) and Home Entertainment (Caya Dub).  
  Dabrye / Additional Productions Vol. 1  
Excellent collection of remixes by the mighty Dabrye available for the first time on one great CD collection! Remixes of Bus, Trans Am, Beans - who's off of Warp, T.Raumschmiere etc. Excellent, get it now on Vinyl or CD, it's your choice.  
  Yesterday's New Quintet / Sound Directions  
Excellent New lp from Yesterday's New Quintet, which is Mad Lib's Live Band Project, they're practicaly a sloppy sounding Jazz band recreating the sounds that Mad Lib loves with an extra touch of his bass'ed out production skills extra electronics and breaks. It's a rush of lush liveliness of the quality you've probably grown to expect from this guy.  





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