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  Warpmart News January 2006 Update

January 2006


Latest Warpmart News, Warp Releases, DVDs and Hot New Products.


Hello and welcome to the first of our January mailouts - happy new year to everyone! The Warp release schedule for the first part of the year is now up to view in Warpmart, we'll be adding more items to this article as they get confirmed so look out for the tasty exclusives and freebies we've got planned for this year.

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at




  Warp Campaign
We're offering a selection of Warp titles at a discounted price, click on the logo on the left to see what we've got!
  Warpmart Sale Update
We're also selling off some of our old stock from other labels at a reduced price.
  Mego Is Dead, Long Live Mego
The esteemed and brilliant label Mego has shut up shop at the end of 2005.
Don't worry - it's reopening as Mego Editions.
However, this means LAST CHANCE TO BUY current Mego stock at Warpmart before a lot of it disappears forever.
Go to the browse tab and select Mego to see which titles we have in stock.
  Ghostbox Restock
We've had a restock of the entire Ghostbox catalogue. Ghostbox is the label started by Broadcast designer Julian House and Jim Jupp to explore their interests in arcane Englishness, Rural life and lost television and popular cultural memories. Housed in exquisite boxes that are a reminder of both library records and old school text books....... Click on the image for more info.


Battles / EP C / B EP /Warp

Battles are a fresh group from the East Coast of the USA with a large cult following over in the US. A few select live appearances in the UK have created an excited and growing word of mouth following over here as well.

Battles stand out from other bands making experimental music because 3 members, Ian, John and Dave, come from very successful, cult industrial metal /thrash-core backgrounds, John drummed for Helmet and continues to drum for Tomahawk. In contrast Tyondai comes from a salubrious avant garde musical heritage.

They are also a cut above many other bands treading a similar path because of their incredible live performances. Whilst they are almost a traditional rock set up, they deliver mind boggling polyrhythms, complicated time signatures and abstraction with intense and captivating power and force! Experimental, astounding and very exciting, music that crosses different genres and times to form something very new.

This is a double CD album at a single album price of material collected from 2 EPs and one single made over the last couple of years on small labels and a chance to catch up with this amazing band.

Prefuse73/ Security Screenings / Warp


Prefuse's last full length "Surrounded by Silence" saw him paired with all-star guests like Ghostface, Aesop Rock, Blonde Redhead, EL-P and Battles’ Tyondai Braxton. However apart from two collaborations here are with Keiran Hebden (aka Four Tet), and Babatunde Adebimpe of 'TV On The Radio', this new mini album Security Screenings is a collection of the type of intricate instrumental material that he's celebrated for, sunskewed, close to the edit hip hop warmth blessed with the earthy timbres of early 70's Jazz.

Of course it's also something more personal too, Prefuse explains: “It’s a collection of songs based on reactions to certain things that happened through the course of doing press, touring, and recording for the past year or so. It's not a follow up to Surrounded By Silence, but merely a transition between the last album and what's to come, the next one is to be completely different all together.” “God bless airport security in America and the countries that are a part of the "Coalition of the Willing."

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox / Flux Compendium / Editions Mego

This is the first release from the newly named Editions Mego, Mego is officially gone and this is the replacement label, and what a recording to start on.
Antony Pateras and Robin Fox, described as Melbourne's hairiest sons, who coincidentally have recorded for Mosz and Room40 respectively, release an album of kaleidoscopic hyperactive electronic concrete punk. splattered with some of their favorite obsessions: breakneck pacing, vocal hysterics, blistering textures and bodily functions and disfunctions.

Galaxy To Galaxy / A High Tech Jazz Comp. / UR

Finally released, this is the highly anticipated full length from Galaxy 2 Galaxy!

According to the press, The images portrayed by this album represent years of sacrifice, struggle and hope.' The album is a mix of classic Galaxy 2 Galaxy tracks and new unreleased gems, all produced under the supervision of Underground Resistance head honcho and Detroit techno legend, Mad Mike, with the full G2G band. The music is a tidy mixture of Jazz elements and Techno programming, that sometimes works fantastically, sometimes not so, but there are some really strong classic moments on this. The Four hero mix of the classic Amazon is sorted, and the last untitled track on the album is a real tease, one of U R's best ever tracks, and one with it's face towards the future.

In Sync / Untitled / Fortun8
Lee Purkis aka In Sync, one of the founders of the legendary Fat Cat record shop, returns for ’06 with a double EP on his new Fortune8 label. Purkis is well known for his works on Irdial, 10th Planet and Peacefrog among others, his Irdial ep Storm/Warm is one of the classic moments of British Techno. The tracks on this new untitled release are solo productions inspired by listening to lots of electronic film sound tracks at the time. So while the underlying reason seems to stem back to the dance sound, the real fuel came from listening to musicians and bands such as John Carpenter, Goblin, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno & Robert Fripp etc. The result is really a soundtrack that represents all these elements and what they mean to him. All four totally analogue pieces are strong tracks if used in the right environment and at the right time! Music which can work well on a loud club system as there are enough dance elements to satisfy this need, but also suitable for more relaxed listening as well, thus appealing to both home listeners and DJ's. This is cut on one record red vinyl, one orange, limited to 300 in this format.
Daedelus / Meanwhile / Laboratory Instinct
Maybe it's the effect of his magnificent warped techno in his 2am fm guise but Daedelus has simply taken a turn to the scrambled side of things creating an album which is like nothing he has made before. Maybe it was the use of his music on that advertisement, but this album has certainly shows a change in his music. You could describe this music as some kind of pointillist mash up, tiny fragments, instrumentation and features from dance music genres weaved through tracks which have unstable rhythmic properties and structures. Making hip hop-ish tracks that have more in common with Ricardo Villalobos' wormhole adventures than the rigid structures of instrumental hip hop. Strange New and Exciting!
Glim / Aerial View Of A Model / Karate Joe

Andreas Berger with a second solo album, delivering some more of his very original laptop sounds. His music works with experimental song structures stripped down to bare bones, drifting ethereality reminiscent of Fennesz but with dark shadows as well as deep sunshine, but with more noticeable acoustic instrumentation. This is quite an album and marks a step forward for drifting laptop electronica.

The Reavers / Terror Firma / Backwoods Studios

The Reavers are a supergroup consisting of Killarmy family member Don Pachino, Monsta Island Czars Spiega and Kong, and Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox. Throw in people like Hasam Salaam and Karniege and you basically have a lot of real formidable dudes stepping up on various cuts throughout. Tracks like "America" showcase how all these different styles really become one on this album. "Beast" features the two Monsta Island Czars doing their thing. Definitely check the songs featured on the first single in "Slums" and "Dusted". A group of this magnitude pretty much demands a listen, and it's all got an anti-war feeling running throughout it , but not visible enough to become cloying.

Atom Tm Presents... / Acid Evolution 2 / Logistic
Atom Heart continues his exploration of all things acid with the second instalment in his Acid Evolution series. This is a bit less 'in-your-face' than the previous volume but there's still plenty of delight to be found in the squiggles and thumps.
Various Artists / Sonar Project / Vibez Productions 
Vibes recordings with another quality compilation of drum and bass with a futuristic progressive outlook. This time the mood is more gentle, the beats are more in tune with the kind of logical progression outlook but with enough innovation and quality drums to keep things interesting. Artists include: Fracture and Neptune, Subject 13, Alaska, Fanu, Paradox, Seba and Romay.
Same Actor / Sharp Edges / Bip Hop

Same Actor is another name for Hot Roddy who's recorded on Wrong Music and been on tour with them. This album however is in a more considered right music Guise, with this album for Bip hop doing all kinds of stuff with glitches, bass, sitar and acoustic guitar, mixed up with abstract bloops and also techno beats.

Global Communication / Fabric Mix 26 / Fabric
Another instalment of the usually pretty darn good Fabric mix series, this one comes from Warp Artists Mark Prichard and Tom Middleton, who recorded as Jedi Knights, did the language compilation and Mark was also responsible for the wonderful harmonic 33. This is a mix of two parts really, Mark does the first half keeping it downbeatish and deep with tracks from Waajed, Steve Spacek, Dabrye and Trickski, whist Tom keeps moves the bpms up with graceful moments from Balil, Vince Watson , Kirk Degiorgio and Artec etc. A sumptuous mix that covers all bases.
  Zilla / Grinted Teeth & Brawlsville / Ad - Noiseam

1 Months, 88 Tracks & 773 Audio files in the making! The third in ‘ZILLA’s self released mix series, and a direct sequel to Warp records hugely successful ‘WATCH AND REPEAT PLAY’ mix CD (Composed with Buddy Peace)

A work of passion for nearly a whole year now beginning at the tail end of Warp Vision Tour, which works as a progression directly from the Watch And Repeat Play mix - Dirty South, Techno, Breakcore, Ghetto Tech all mixed, edited cut n pasted to an angry screwed up face and forced into CD.

Here's a little background..... "Grinted Teeth & Brawlsville, the first in an occasional series of Grindhouse collages has been spawned from: Being Stuck travelling when the only magazine you haven't read in WHSmiths is The Source or XXL / Spending too many nights flicking back and forth between Channel U & MTV Base / Checking Turntablelab every single day / Revisiting dusty long-unplayed records / Late night discussions about jungle records gone-by / Scaring kids at Warp shows / Arguing on message boards /Being lazy & only using records close to hand / Music i like."

‘Probably the mix album of the year. ‘ZILLA’ painstakingly re-edits & overlays to create a complex soundscape of aggressive crunk acapellas set to brutal Warp style electronica, creating something properly hardcore in the process’ Fact Magazine

  David Thomas Broughton / The Complete Guide To Inefficiency / Plug Research

Broughton's work is largely based around layers and loops of circling, hypnotic guitars and his weirdy, off-kilter possessed vocals. He writes mantra-style songs that are both heartfelt and emotional, yet offer a dark twist. At only 5 songs over a duration of 40 minutes, the tracks are long, stretched and sprawling, like Can if they'd tried their hand at folk music.

Due to the overwhelming response Broughton's live sets attract and the realisation his magic is best showcased when displayed in it's raw state, 'The Complete Guide To Insufficiency' was recorded in one complete take at Wrangthorn Church, Leeds to capture the jagged minimalism of his somewhat unique performances. But it is this rough around the edges recording style that adds much character to otherwise boring studio production, and alongside his own twisted-folk vision, is what helps set Broughton apart from his peers. Review by Tim Johnson

  TBA / Annule / Max Ernst
Thomas Brinkmann's Max Ernst label back with another surprise, always delivering something, fresh, unexpected. The second full-length from TBA is a mixture of playful vocal melodies, strange semi-classical cut-up piano etudes, wacky electronics and minimal, plush dancefloor tracks. An interesting album and a good mix of ideas and styles with a strong identity.




  Risky Roadz 2 - 2 x CD + 2 x DVD
'They're back and they're realer than ever', the follow up to the excellent risky roads dvd with 2 cds, one live set with dj maximum b2b with Karnage and loads of Mc's and one with dj Sparkie and Bruza. Then there are 2 dvds with interviews, live events, radio sets, videos and production techniques. Plus 1 hour 40 mins of bonus footage and mc freestyles.
The DVD stars everyone in Grime and also Science from Last Year's Big Brother!
  Practice Hours 2
Practice Hours 2 is from the same guys that bought you Conflict, Run the Road and Aim High, but this has a higher standard of production from most grime dvds, with Surround Sound, Graphics and Dolby. It's 3.5 hours long with sound and words from Wiley, Jammer, Ghetto, Skepta, Purple, OT crew and loads of others.


  Dub Kult / Twelve / Traum  
Arcola artist Dub Kult aka Neilon Pitamber makes a welcome return with a great new record for the Traum label. Here he's given us three jazz infused tracks that are full of contrasts and take in elements of dub, techno, house, jazz and microsound. There's clearly a Herbert influence flowing through all of these tracks however he's added plenty of his own quirks and edits that make this 12" standout on its own.  
  L- Wiz / Girlfriend / Dubpolice  
Tasty three tracker from new Swedish dubstep producer L- Wiz on the new Dubpolice label, an offshoot of Stormin. The lead track Girlfriend is an atmospheric half stepper but it's on Egypt and Habbibi where the payoff is. Egypt is based around some sparking Egyptian Lyre melodies, given it a warm exotic feel whilst Habibi has some modal strings and percussion, giving it a strange feeling between warm and cold.  
  Kavinsky / Terosa Autodrive / Record Makers  
8 bit techno with a distinct early computer game feel on this ep from new producer Kavinsky, these tracks are good but pulling Mr. Oizo in to do a remix was a very smart move as he delivers a killer compressed workout that sounds like what a collaboration between Jackson and Jimmy Edgar would sound like in the best possible circumstances. The Arpanet mix is good, tough atmospheric in the way only Arpanet can do.  
  Tangible / Game Over / Recordings  
Another excellent ep from the Point.One crew courtesy of Detroit's electro-surgeon Tangible aka Michael Hanlon. “Gameover” is laced with sounds of old video games and raw analogue instrumentation from gun to tape…from the subsonic bass of “Relic Of Degrasse”, picked over by Beverly Hills synth-beats and peppered with staccato electro-bubbles.  
  Claro Intelecto / Warehouse Sessions / Modern Love  
Excellent new ep from Claro Intellecto with some proper heavy dancefloor tracks, heavy on the atmospherics and relentless building grooves. Of the two tracks the really slow heavy New Dawn is our favourite here, it's just precise and machine tooled for maximum punch and cold clear atmosphere over a loud system.  
  Shackleton + Appleblim / Skull Disco 2 / Skull Disco  
Excellent new single from the Skulldisco camp, who have really stepped up since the last single This one has Shackelton's Majestic Visions which is the musical equivalent of being in a Kali temple three days into sleep deprivation, with good Indian instrumentation and drums over a meditative surface. Appleblim's tracks are deeper and stiffer, a chrome technoey finish on Cheat I and blips and pieces on Girder. A solid release coming with two original perspectives.  
  Scuba / Words + Thankyou / Scuba  
Two strong half step tracks from Scuba, Jerry Built work outs over reinforced drums and bass, with lots of abstract synths layers and dubbed out over the top. Quality..  
  Pom Pom 22 / Pom Pom  
Latest minimal techno release on the mysterious POM POM imprint. Heavy hitting, mechanical techno grooves with very little swing. Unpredictable, original and always dancefloor orientated music from this great label.  
  Fusiphorm / You Am I / Foundsound  
Foundsound co-founder Chyl steps up for his debut solo release which offers up three tracks fuelled by the crumpling folds and crevices of crumpling sound design. Includes a great remix from the other co-founder Someone Else.  
  Magda / Stop EP / Minus  
Magda's debut solo release is a tough slice of minimal techno packed full of punchy, mind-bending sounds. The sounds have been stripped right down leaving her to shape the compositions around changing textures and timbres. After years of stunning DJ sets and some excellent work as part of Run Stop Restore it's great to finally hear what music she can do on her own.  
  Florent / G-Net / K2  
This new release from K2 comes from previously unknown artist Florent and features two tracks of arpeggiated synth grooves with great melodies and beautiful, rich sounds. The A-side is my favourite with it's building 101 groove and rigid drums.  
  Jonas Bering / Behind The Silence / Kompakt  
Jonas Bering rattles out his sixth release for Kompakt and this is a deep trip into the realms of romantic, nostalgic techno. The A-side is a the most up-beat number with some carefully sculpted soft and subtle tones. The B-side features three more ambient house inspired numbers.  
  Kontrast / Stammtisch Der Verzweiflung / Kompakt  
Stunning new release from the Kompakt crew that's a collaboration between two of their greatest artists - Justus Kohncke (creator of last years brilliant Timecode track) and Dirk Leyers (one half of Closer Musik). The pair share a love for tracks that have a tempo below 120 bpm and they took this as a starting point for this record. The lead track is the standout with it's loose bass line, creepy tinkling noises and slow, wonky groove.  
  Sleepless Crew / Spell House / Dalriada
Glasgow’s Dalriada Records deliver the first release on their limited offshoot label – an imprint still standing firmly for showcasing local talent, but at the same time focusing on the more dance floor side of electronic music. First up on Dalriada Limited are Glasgow’s own Analogue Assassins – the Sleepless Crew, who stick two fingers up at the recent barrage of sub standard “Acid House”, spat out by a string of lacklustre record labels and prosaic producers who will remain nameless. “Spell House” reeks of dusty analogue synths and classic 808 drum hits, combined with speak & spell lyrics, transposed arpeggios and classic electro sensibilities.
  Man From Uranus / Wild Moogimals / Strange Lights  
Tight little single from Man from Uranus and his marvellous Moogified Moods. Six tracks of Moogy pop that's one part Moogy Library music, one part radiophonic workshop style experimental blips and bloops and one part space age pop.  
  Judith Juillerat / Slack Time Remixes / Shitkatapult  
This is a tasty set of remixes of Slack Time taken from Judith Juillerat's acclaimed debut album for Shitkatapult. You get a wicked Ark mix that consists of some great splattered cut-up funk that clearly takes a lot of inspiration from some of Akufen's greatest hits. There's also two mixes from the Orb's Thomas Fehlmann - one ambient one and a deep four four techno track.  
  Sector / Morpheus EP / Sonicgroove  
A real surprise here with this excellent single from Sector that comes over as an update of the kind of classic early Warp Rob Gordon/Forgemasters dubby bleep stuff on Interzone, with big bassline pressure and a nice stepping stomp. The ep then lays down some really strong clear techno, with lots of old school analogue innovation and clear rhythms, very good.  
  Egyptian Lover / Dance / Electro Eternal  
Excellent repress of classic Egyptian Lover stuff, Dance is a classic, a little bit sideways from the sex and Egypt obsessed poppier stuff, this is all heads down deep pointillist drum programming and rushy reverb funky as hell electro that sounds incredibly fresh and very serious. I pyramix on the b-side is a little bit more Egypt obsessed on the vocal mix which is cool, but the classic cold sounding synth and 808 mix is fantastic. After hearing 'Egypt Egypt' so much it's good to re-evaluate the Lover as a really serious producer of classic Electro.  
  2 Live Crew / Revelation + What I Like / Electro Eternal  
Another Classic Electro repress, this time it's the 2 live Crew, Revelation is a track about serious issues, the book of Revelations no less and the badness people do. Strong Words coming from the writer of 'Me So Horny'. What I like is more classic sexist 2 Live Crew fare, with an excellent instrumental. Classic old school Miami business.  
  Livin in Soul / My Destiny / Retroactive  
Retroactive is Carl Craig's classic label. It finished sometime ago, when planet E started, now it's back again and starting from the beginning at catalogue number 01. Amazing production on this one, deep and soulful with big fat drums and sounds. Female vocals on both tracks, which seems a shame to me but will please some people. You get a free Retroactive card as well.  
  Eight Frozen Modules / Rejected Resident Ep / Mutant Sniper  
Kenneth J Gibon takes a break from the glitchy techno sound he's been bashing out lately and gets into Ragga mashup mode for this one, giving us four tracks of timestretched beats, vocal chops and punishing bass - this is very similar in style to the 12" that came out on Planet Mu last year.
  Dj Distance / Fallen + Taipan / Boka  
Excellent new record from up and coming dubstep producer DJ Distance. Fallen is a strange cold track with a bizarre echoeyed up vocal melody throughout which sounds like a monk singing plainsong, it's extremely meditative with an enormous amount of drum work and bass weight behind it. Track two Taipan is another half speeder with Oriental reed flute and dhol drums but it's got a huge roaring sick bassline tearing through the heart of it. Excellent release from Boka, and an artist to keep an eye on.  
  John Tejada / Voyager Ep / Palette  
Excellent Ep from veteran soulman and deep Detroit master John Tejada. This ep is in the sleek and elegant Nu Groove style generated by the Burrell brothers all those years ago generated on ultra clean technology with really clean timbres and exceptional depth. Heads down!  
  Bruno Pronsato / Open Your Eyes / Philpot  
Seattle's Bruno Pronsato principally known for his release on Orac drops an original and interesting release off with the Philpot label. There's a hint of acid, tasty cutups, spooky vocals and a weird and wonderful groove connecting all the dots.  
  How To Make Sense Of A Window / Thank You Technology Ep / Plak  
How to make sense of a window AKA Hrdvsion & Lee Van Dowski ! The 2 hottest producers of the moment jam together in a virtual studio over the ocean, Lee’ pressureful minimal tek vs. Nathan’ post technoid feeling. Complex rhythm structures, spaced out synths, weirds bleeps, deep dsp - what more could you ask for?  
  Luka & Lazo / Midevil Disco Ep / MO's Ferry Productions  
Wicked vocal cutups pieced together in a style reminiscent of Akufen from this Croation duo. Featuring some amusing minimal groaning and an equally floor-shattering, grooving quality.

  Ø / Rontgen, Eetteri, Kvantti & Panasonic EPs / Sahko  

A selection of Mika Vanio's incredible work as Ø for Finland's Sahko label finally gets repressed. This really is some of the lushest work around even though the majority of it was produced well over a decade ago - warm and rich vintage synths compete with crazy homemade gear to produce deep and pristine minimal techno and electronica. Things don't get much better than this!!!!



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We are happy to announce the new affiliation with improved and long term support provided by the department for Cultural Studies of the Danube University Krems, Austria, which will assure preservation and growth of the Database of Virtual Art.

As pioneer in the field, the Database of Virtual Art has been documenting the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art since 1999. It is supported by the German Research Foundation and various other institutions. Our research-oriented, complex overview of immersive, interactive, telematic and genetic art has been developed in cooperation with renowned media artists, researchers and institutions. The database is based on open-source-technologies and allows individuals to post material themselves. Currently it contains hundreds of work descriptions including several thousand digital documents, videos, technical data, institutions and bio-bibliographical information. As one of the richest resources online, with a freshly implemented scientific Thesaurus the database responds to the demands of the field.

We encourage your remarks and suggestions!

The cultural studies department in Krems contains, in addition to the program in image science, contains also film, contemporary music and intercultural studies programs - so that the approach is already multimedial, like the subject of Media Art History. With our international faculty members we will continue offering new global programs in the field of media art, collection, curation, preservation and image management.


Beside the Database of Virtual Art - the Goettweig Print Collection (collection database online soon), which contains 30.000 original prints from Renaissance to Barock until now, allows in-depth research into its large resources. We are glad to report that Danube University is able to provide our field soon with an open archive contextualizing media art in art and image history.

At the same time, we are also excited to inform the field of researchers, artists, scholars, students who have found the database a value to their studies, that we have a newly formed advisory board who will help guide the Database of Virtual Art in the future. Their contributions to the field and their importance to the ongoing developments of media art as the art of our times needs no introduction, but further biographical can be found under:

We welcome Roy Ascott, Beryl Graham, Erkki Huhtamo, Jorge La Ferla, Gunalan Nadarajan, Christiane Paul, Martin Roth, and Steve Wilson as advisors to the Database of Virtual Art.

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