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klub der republik                pappelallee 81               berlin-city    

... teil 154 am Samstag den 28. Januar 2006   ...wöchentlich   ...immer frei rein

...part 154 on saturday, the 28th of 2006    ...weekly   .....always free entrance



Attention! High colesterol-danger! Never forget the bread with
the butter. Just one of both makes dancing impossible. So this
can be a real pain in the ass. Especially you already started
your stretching-workout to be ready for the floor. Eat bread and
butter after your workout. And your legs will start to move.

So check your body.

And be ready for the fashion-recordkitchen-issue.

Roskow and Kay recommend for the fashion-weekend the following gymnastic-excercises:




We are on virtual-air !!!

If you like to listen to our dj-sets live or any other evening at the "Klub Der Republik / KDR", you can check it life via the internet at:

( on the live-link)


see ya again in the kitchen ^^


Some moods and grooves :

*S.O.H. - Das ist Alice (Ego Records/1979)
**Eva Pilarova - Ohen a Led/Leto, Leto (Suprahon/1973)
**Batucada No.4 - Jungel Drums (Philips/1977)
Mulatu Astatke - Yekitir Tezeta (Soundway/2005)
Fujiya&Miyagi - Conductor (2005)
Studio R feat. Mocky - Clapz (Sonar Kollektiv/2006)
Eleanor Academia - Adventure (Compost/2006)
V/A - Bosporus Bridges (The World Is My Oyster Records/2005)
Spirit - Model Shop (Sundazed/Sony/2005)
Barigozzi Group - The Optical Sound (Easy Tempo/1999)
Muallem - Frankie Splits (Compost/2006)


save the vinyl!


bar in fortschritt @ klub der republik

pappelallee 81 berlin- city

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