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Warpmart.com Update

March 2006


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Hello and welcome to the first of our March mailouts. Within the heavily guarded perimeter fence of Warp's private forest it's good to see the return of the deer, hedgehogs popping out again and the hares maddening the crowd. The woods are full of bluebells and the daffodils are starting to show their enchanting sun-kissed heads. By the way we have a wide selection of fantastic new albums as well some great singles and be sure to watch out for the amazing plans and projects that we have ahead!

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at mart@warprecords.com.



Nightmares On Wax / In A Space Outta Sound / Warp

---Free Custom 'Cigarette' Rolling Papers with this release.-------

Currently on Presale will be sent in time for Release on 20th March

A contemporary and varied album of many textures, and also a personal journey. On 'In A Space Outta Sound' the Nightmares seal of quality is evident; Infectious but simple rhythms, Quincy Jones-esque synth lines, the blues, and the fusion of relaxed dub and Balearic melodies, as well as Burru drumming on 'African Pirates' and a touch of Eastern harpsichord melody on 'Damn'.
Of course, the other factor in George’s formula is the touch of glowing warmth that infects his music. As the Times newspaper once said, “George Evelyn is one of those people who can bottle sunshine”.

The personal aspect on this release comes through in his amalgamation of lifelong influences, ranging from Curtis Mayfield, Quincy Jones, Sarah Vaughn and Duke Ellington’s lively compositions, which were all played in the Evelyn household plus the Carribean Soca / Calypso from Leed's dancehalls.

Talking of Leed's dancehalls, Nightmare's are going out on tour with the sternum shaking Iration Steppas Soundsystem in fine style.This means Dubplates and guest vocalists stepping up to the mike, and of course big bass!

Jimmy Edgar / Color Strip/ Warp

World (except UK): 20th Feb - CD, LP, Digital
UK: 20th Feb - LP, Digital / 3rd April - CD
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After two eclectic electroid EPs for Warp, Edgar comes forward with Colorstrip, his debut long player. Still marked by insane programming skills and ultra-melodic synthesizer touches, the scalpel-sharp tunes on “Colorstrip” are pure hip shakers. Like Timbaland producing Metro Area under the watchful eye of Carl Craig, these are dance tunes that you can hum as you gyrate.

What may strike those who thought that had Jimmy and his music pegged is that Colorstrip is a deadly pop album. The tracks here are a sinister and mysterious set of dark R&B with Juan Atkins like vocals added in perfect places, mammoth synth hooks and plenty of sub bass.

  Razor X Productions / Killing Sound / Rephlex

Be prepared for an accelerator levelling ride on this album as the Bug and MC's cathartic barrage of noise infects your pleasure receptors. The word has been that this is just a compilation of older 7 inches but this isn't true, only four of these ten tracks are previously released in other forms. This album isn't polite, this is a hostile barrage, which needs to be listened to at a loud volume. Each mc brings a new vicerality to the proceedings a new way to express anger and a new tone. The tracks are a high standard, as you'd expect, not just pretend dancehall with a bit of distortion, but strongly produced tracks with assimilated the rhythms from proper dancehall, the disorientating noise of a reggae soundsystem, plus grime and dubsteps new pounding sonics too. Rephlex have been ever generous here as they present another cd of 'versions' ie instrumental dubbish mixes too, making 20 tracks for your money and moods.

Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid / The Exchange Session Vol. 1 / Domino

Quite an album this, in that it's a mixture of electronics and jazz musicians that really works without being cheesy, overindulgent or a total mismatch, which is always the worry with this kind of old meets new live meeting. This hits a kind of Pharaoh Sanders, Alice Coltrane meets a kind of computer free improv space, gentle and lush with the odd burst of ecstatic skronking. But joyful deep and 'out' in the best sense.

Colleen / Mort Aux Vache 54 / Staalplaat

French artist Colleen contiributes an outstanding release to Staaplaat's Mort Aux Vaches series. She's probably best known for her releases on Leaf however the material here differs quite a bit from her previous two albums being based around the material she's created for her live shows. This Mort aux Vaches release, recorded in September 2004 in the VPRO studios, provides an insight into some of the songs that she played live between 2002 and 2004 and features an interesting selection of traditional instruments including classical guitar, zither, ukulele, cello, thumb pianos, recorder, melodica and music boxes that are given an added depth and richness by Colleen's restrained use of delay/loop pedals. The artwork is equally impressive with it's embroidered case! As with all releases in this series it is highly limited.

Jim O'Rourke / Disengage / Staaltape

Excellent double CD re-issue of two of Jim O'Rourke's early avant electroacoustic compositional works for the Staalplaat label. The material on offer here is a collision of sounds from acoustic instruments, field recordings, and shortwave radio which have been transformed by numerous mixing and editing techniques into a mass of drifting drones and tones. You get 'Mere' parts 1, 2 and 3 as well as 'A Young Person's Guide To Drowning' parts 1 and 2..

  Vessel / Pictureland01 / Pictureland
Full cinemascope electronica from London's Vessel here, a limited lp release of 500 and the first record on his new label Pictureland. It's his third lp, his first two have been on Expanding Records, plus his tracks have featured on stuff like the London Electrics compilation and strangely the Pet Shop Boy's 'Back To Mine' compilation. This is gentle stuff, but the widescreen outlook contains interesting squiggles and complex drum patterns that keep the energy levels up.
Autophonic / Slack / On Records

Slack is a compilation of releases by Autophonic. He was one of the first dutch techno producers to record for Dub records and produces a very distinct individual sound. The music on this varied 'best of' style compilation has an offbeat, jazzyish sensibility, live sounding arrhythmic pads like squarepusher, quick chord changes, small melodic fills and deep atmosphere. Excellent.

Matinee Orchestra / The Matinee / Arable
Rather like a British Books, a sense of English popular nostalgia being one of the things running through this delightful album alongside musical arcana, toys, soundtracks, Field recordings and other things including the contributions of Caroline Tate, and one Paul Smith from Maximo Park, Matinee Orchestra weave a rich tapestry of all these things into an extraordinary album of perfect, creative and delightful home listening.
Dell & Flugel / Superstructure / Laboratory Instinct
In social sciences, superstructure is the set of socio-psychological feedback loops that maintain a coherent and meaningful structure in a given society, or part thereof. Christopher Dell is the director of the Institute for Improvisation Technology 'Insel' and World-renowned vibraphone player - and Roman Flugel is famous as Alter Ego, Acid Jesus, etc.) The exchange is strange and exciting, with Dell's jazzish vibraphone and occasional Fender rhodes being put through a variety of different electronic alien 'landscapes' courtesy of Roman Fugel. Beats, noise, jazzy treatments, keep it interesting and diverse.
Bill Corey / Greatest Tits / Weme
Guaranteed offensive and immature, you have to ask, Is Bill Corey the Future of Music?; The answer is no. Bill Corey describes himself as an Artist, Performer, Entertainer, Actor, Philosopher, Commentator, Representative and Spiritual Medium. Here however none of these skills are present as he raps badly on lewd and offensive subjects, mumbles into the mic and does a cover version of Ice-T's 'Pusher'. This is all to an accompaniment of weird acid house and strange electronic music. Bizarrely this contains lot's of references to the Fat Boys. Not quite Derek and Clive but will make more sense when drunk. Messed up, intriguing and occasionally very funny.
Paavoharju / Yha Hamaraa / Fonal Records
Paavoharju of Savonlinna, Finland make music thats completely alien yet oddly comforting. It's psychedlic music borne of Cabin Fever, created from the faultlines between church hymns, pop songs, Bollywood music and hazy mist clad experimentalisim. Beautiful, chaotic and like nothing you've ever heard.
  Matt Shadetek & Sheen / Heavy Meckle Grime DJ Mix / Shadetek
Strange that a group of Americans, ie Matt Shadetek and Sheen should produce such a strong and clear overview of London's Grimey beatmakers and MC's, maybe it's the distance and neutrality of the dj's but this is a cd that generally represents tracks from all over London rather than the area codes of the artists and dj's the mc's and producers come from. What's more the mix breaks from convention by mixing instrumentals and vocal tracks. It would be a mistake to say this is 'Rinse Fm for the masses' or something misguided like that, Rinse Fm being London's biggest Pirate,and a station which all these artists have shows on and features alot more than just grime, those kind of sentiments don't make any sense, but as an overview that doesnt employ any of the conventions of the scene and gives a broad overview of grime vinyl it's ace.
Shogun Kunitoki / Tasankokaiku / Fonal Records
Shogun Kunitoki is a quartet based in Helsinki, Finland. They are a group of musicians that explore and draw together the sounds of 20th century psychedelia, minimalism, and electronics, creating instrumental compositions that build on the rhythmic interplay between simple motifs and the players. The difference is that they do all this using worn down analogue instruments to create a really warm generous sound.
Bull Wackies All Stars / Dub Limited / Wackies
Incredible piece of idiosyncratic Wackies dub built on classic JA rhythms and originally released in 1976. Beloved of the Basic Channel / Rhythm and Sound gus. It's easy to see why, each track is exquisite and sonically adventurous.
Dub Tractor / Hideout / City Centre Offices
Denmark's Dub Tractor returns with a splendid new album of dubbed out electronica. His previous releases have combined the lush melodies of electronica with the deepness associated with dub and he's really stepped things up a bit for this release by finding some intersting new sounds to play with. The lush melodies are still present however 'Hideout' seems to be his homage to shoegazer rock and features a lot more guitar than on previous outings as well as some atmospheric breathy vocals.
Guitar / Tokyo / Onitor
Michael Lückner continues his series of releases as 'Guitar' that focuses on the sound of guitars as you'd probably imagine. After his first release - the "My Bloody Valentine" inspired "Sunkissed" - that came out on Morr Music in 2002 and the Japan only "Honeysky" featuring Country-Music Guitars and Bluegrass Banjo Hillbilly Attacks he's now shifted his focus towards the Koto and Pipa guitars in a wonderful homage to the City of Tokyo. Here you get 9 tracks of delicately processed guitars mingling with a fine selection of hip-hop beats and the Tojiko Noriko-esque vocal talents of Ayako Akashiba.
Various Artists / Do You Copy? / Mitek
Double Album celebrating five years of the Mitek electronic music festivals and parties, featuring a spread of artists that have appeared, some of which are well known ,some less well known, with a massive variety of takes on electronic music from the undescribable to hybrids of techno, hip hop, funk and others.. 29 tracks overall, with performers including; Hakan Lidbo, Midaircondo, Mikkel Metal, Jay Haze, Apendics Shuffle, Bulgur Brothers and a whole bunch more.
Cluster / Cluster 71 / Water
This is one of those not very well known but totally pivotal and incredible albums from one of the most exciting periods of music in any country over the last l40 years. This period produced bands such as Kraftwerk, Neu, Can, Amon Duul, Popol Vuh and a myriad of others. This album is the one that members Moebius and Rodelius, practically invented the idea of space rock. The album contains a minimalist emphasis reminiscent of Steve Reich, but woth a fine balance between noise, harmony and space The three untitled tracks are exploratory, ever-changing pieces with nominal focuses on guitar distortion and synthesizer wails, though each goes far beyond. Cluster 71 deserves the many accolades it's been given, and holds up as an early landmark in the history of beatless ambience.
Telepathe / Farewell Forest / The Social Registry 
Telepathe is a process-oriented band centered on Busy Gangnes & Melissa Livaudais. This is an ep of 4 songs that show off their invention and atmosphere. Over the last few years in NYC the band has seen a few different incarnations with Farewell Forest focusing on the band’s work last spring as a trio with Allie Alvarado which found them experimenting with chaos-fuelled-song writing structures. It would be fair to describe Busy Gangnes as a percussionist, a songwriter, a composer and as a modern dancer. Melissa Livaudais is originally from New Orleans and was in Wikkidalong with Busy Gangnes. In Telepathe she functions as a guitarist,percussionist ,composer ,beat-maker.In addition to her work in Telepathe she plays in First Nation (aka Coronation), which will be releasing a 7” on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks early next year.
  Sunburnt Hand Of Man / Complexion / Very Friendly
Sunburnt Hand of Man must be one of the Wire's most covered bands of the last few years. Complexion' was recorded in a small public garden outside of Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts and contains futuristic meditations on some proto-gypsy ritual, this is extremely dreamlike dense freeform but almost psychically together psychedelia that sounds like nothing you've ever really heard before.
Henry Flynt / I Don't Wanna / Locust

This is a marvellous treat, a lovely album of basically solo adapted acoustic guitar and effects with occasional voice, that sound as close to a cross between John Fahey's experiments, Popol Vuh's elegant pastoral dignity and Arthur Russell's classic cello and echo album 'World of Echo'. Greg Malcom builds massive clouds of atmosphere, harmony and dissonance with picking styles, plus objects like mini fans, knives, steel wool and distortion, creating some really amazing raga like drones and strangely synaesthesic effects. This is surely to be a classic, lost or otherwise along the way and another great reason to buy a record player.

Henry Flynt / Purified By Fire / Locust
Musical pioneer Henry Flynt's drone works with collaborator C.C. Hennix are quietly becoming the stuff of legend. Flynt pioneered a sound that was one part seld taught hillbilly fiddle but also worked all sorts of world wide scales and ways of playing. Over some 40 plus minutes, we are treated to a true tour de force that's part Hindustani inflected musical miasma and part warped hillbilly vibrational swing that sways in and out of auditory focus. This is really quite an incredible album and the real wonder is how these two worlds cross to make such mesmirsing and infectious deep music.
  Cat Power / Myra Lee / Smells Like

Recorded virtually live in a Lower Manhattan rehearsal space, this seminal entry into indie rock still shimmers with innocent beauty. Starkly captured and sparsely orchestrated emotional telegrams to heaven knows where. Ten songs by her plus a deconstruction of Hank Sr.'s 'Still In Love' that points the way to her 'Covers Album' of 2000. Originally released in 1996 but rereleased here.

  The Egyptian Lover / Platinum Pyramids / DMSR
A rather good release from brand new label Motive recordings by an artist called Skoud from Angelholm in Sweden. It's definitely above average electronica that benefits from the fact that the artist is a rock drummer, so it's rhythmically inventive with lots of strange noises, without being overcomplicated and has a minimal musical touch that's reminiscent of the best of simple electronica. Additions of traditional rock instrumentation and a nod towards dubbier electronics producers like Arovane make this an excellent headphone listen.
  Whitehouse / Asceticists / Susan Lawly
The Aphex and Russell Haswell approved Noise Artists Whitehouse are back with a very strong album in every way. If you aren't aware of them yet, they have been recording and performing on the edge of music in every way. The Pan African colours adorn the cover with a black glossy booklet featuring the lyrics in full.These are strong lyrics but equally the production is very very strong overall this is their most varied album yet and artistically possibly their best. The lyrics are absolutely stomach churning in parts but usefully printed on the booklet for amateur Detectives to pour over for months to spot the references that make up the lyrics. Musically this is radical and creative, beatless but sophisticated but with layers of dense sculptured noise on some tracks, on others just well made single sounds, on others atmospheric fogs. Sonically it's strangley aggressive in a spectral kind of way,but beguiling and dense enough to emmerse yourself in just where pain and pleasure meet.
  Errors / How Clean Is Your Acid House / Rock Action
On this 5 track mini album,Errors combine distinctly lo-fi electronics of a vintage nature, ie old school sounding electro drums with cheap synth motifs with delicate guitar passages, and gentle rusted ambience. A curt apart from the crowd this is another good release from Mogwai's label.
  Broken Social Scene / Feel Good Last / Noise Factory
Rather excellent stuff from one of one of the names being dropped in the music press recently. It's another admirable step in an excellent direction for Broken Social scene, another addition to the commendable comeback of what people called Postrock. Whilst it retains a strong core shape, and tidy guitar led vision, but stretching out into electronics in a kind of dub inspired way, also the tones of country,even woozy my bloody valentine style feedback and buried string quartets. It's comparable in a way to the kind of experimentation Brian Eno did with Daniel Lanois in his classic 'Apollo, but this is a more modern take with much more breadth and depth and not quite so ambient overall. Suprisingly excellent music.
  Omar Rodriguez / Willie Anderson
Omar Rodriguez from the Mars Volta in explosive heavyweight jazz rock with breakout with added electronics form on this self titled album featuring mars volta bandmates and others. It's pretty intense most of the way through but with enough light and dark and it's intent seemingly inspired by Mid 70's Electric Miles Davis but with elements of disco and a strong vamping funk element.
  Chihei Hatakeyama / Minima Moralia / Kranky
Chihei Hatakeyama concentrated on the textures of sound in creating Minima Moralia, consciously avoiding the use of electronic sounds; instead using sound fragments made by guitars and vibraphone he played himself. The fragments were processed and reprocessed in live performances on laptop. The contention between the analog sound sources, digital processing and the musician's choices are what give Minima Moralia its positive, warm, and physical presence. Minima Moralia presents the listener with tones that are familiar and tones that are foreign. Specific points of sound appear and velvet clouds elevate and disperse over the course of the album. Jumbles of melodies reveal and then resolve themselves. At all points Hatakeyama's directing hand is at work; in the shiver of a guitar string, the bright ring of the vibraphone, and the strategic use of silence. The naturalistic song titles suggest every day moments, sensations and experiences.
  Belong / October Language / Carpark
Following in the tradition of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Gas, guitars, synths and other musical sources are wrenched from their typical tones, revealing themselves in bright shards of distortion. Melodies are similarly enveloped in a sort of aural atrophy, forever repeating their blurring calls. At the end, all that remains is a noise so potent it leaves the sonic equivalent of the sun's imprint on a retina.
  Various Artists / Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume 3 / Adaadat
The third installment in ADAADAT's trade and distribution almanac series, featuring the hottest talent from the UK and beyond... This one features Ove Naxx, Dj Scotch Egg + Hrvatski, Yoko Oh No and many more....
  Random Number / Golden Acre Sleeps / Highpoint Lowlife
randomNumber, aka Matt Robson, creates what has been described as ‘Northern Wrongbeat'; a mesh of emotive, brooding harmonies drawn and quartered by complex rhythms. It's digital music with a human heart at its centre. Robson’s hyperactive beat mechanics are bound together with a keen sense of melody shaped by his many years of playing in the Leeds alternative music scene, most notably as drummer for Hood (which culminated with their release Home Is Where It Hurts). Coming from his background playing in bands, Robson has rallied hard against the stereotypical laptop clichés, and imbues his own shows with a keen sense of energy and punk attitude, using two unsynchronized laptops and a tabletop of controllers and effects.
Various Artists / Rare Techno Classics From Detroit & Beyond / Tno
Save Yourself £100's with this gem of a release that contains a whole selection of classic and rare techno records that you would expect to pay over £20's each for on the second hand market. These tracks include probably B12's best record under the name Musicology - 'Obsessed' is incredible. Other tracks include, Ron Trent's 'Altered States',(made in his mid teens). Carl Craig as BFC on 'Galaxy', and Psyche for 'Neurotic Behaviour', Model 500's 'Interference', Blake Baxter's Prince inspired 'Sexuality,' and Rhythm is Rhythm's Yazoo sampling 'Nude Photo'.
  Public Image / Public Image Ltd + Second Edition Double CD
2 album edition at a great price of two of the classic post punk albums of all time, or if you like, what John Lydon did when he left the Sex Pistols, ie retrained himself into rebuilding punk, funk and dub into his own iconclastic vision, along with fellow visionaries Keith Levene and Jah Wobble. Contained here are the full issues of Public Image, and Second Edition, also known as Metal Box.


  Clark / Throttle Furniture / Warp  

Out Now!

  Mark Broom / From London With Love / BPitch Control  
Bpitch take on legendary techno producer Mark Broom for this three track 12" of hard and functional minimal techno. The title track was originally released as an ultra limited 7" and when Ellen Allien's battered copy finally bit the dust she decided to set about pressing it up herself. There are two tracks of deep soundscapey techno with a harsh edge that could be considered as vintage Mark Broom and one strange 3/4 schaeffel track reminiscent of T.Raumschmiere's work.  
  Pantytec / Maybe + Moriomelo / Perlon  
Brilliant new release from Perlon bosses Dimibiman & Zip aka Pantytec. Weighty kicks, playful percussion and a great sense of melody combine in these two tracks of ultra weirdo minimal goodness! Check out the deranged trumpet solo at the end of 'Maybe' that swings in and out of tune until finally resting on a maddening locked groove.  
  Speedy J & George Issakidis / Collabs 401 / Novamute  
Speedy J hooks up with ex-half of The Micronauts George Issakidis for the next in his 'Collabs' collaboration series. You get two tracks of ultra-slow, dark acid with a great warehouse vibe.  
  Atom TM & Pink Elln / Live Volume 3 / Logistic  
Third in Atom Tm and Pink Elln's Live series featuring 27 minutes of live jamming split over two tracks. The first release in the series came in 1993 via Rising High/Ongaku and back then it was all done with a couple of analogue sequencers, synths, drum machines and effect units. Technology has moved on a bit since then as the duo now use a pair of laptops and an 808 however the atmosphere and energy of those days has not been lost.
  Tim Exile / Death Face / Mosquito  
Tim Exile in almost techno mode with this excellent strong release on no future. i say almost techno as with Exile's drum and bass stuff, this is full of mental ideas, strong programming, elements of noise and offbeat programming, that owes as much to aphex as any contemporary straight up dancefloor music.  
  Vex'd / Bombardment Of Saturn + Killing Floor / Planet Mu  
Superb Brand New Two track ep from East London's Vex'd. The sound has definitely changed and improved since last years album, a little more subtle, programmed, colder, striking a strange balance between darkcore drum and bass, grime and dubstep, not to say these two tracks don't have the ferocity of previous releases, they just do it better.. Warpmart favourite is the b side track killing floor with its aggressive blocky rushes of bass and snares with small punchy sub bass hits added for extra rhythmical rib cage pressuring rhythm.
  Dolphin & The Teknoist / Soul Cannibal + Closing Down / Planet Mu  
First record of the year from Planet-Mu who are definitely onto something with this release. Two tracks that manage to do what seems like the impossible, make hard techno sound boundary pushing avant garde and best of all lush and emotional. Dolphin's orchestral led 'Soul Cannibal' manages to combine a techno sensibility with depth, whilst The Teknoists Closing Down does a similar thing with piano keys, stemming the harshness of the drum track with panicked sorrow.
  Bizzy B / Science Ep Vol. 5 / Planet Mu  
Four tracks on this one with Bizzy B dropping tracks of the highest quality, Beat science, abstract melodies and sounds, in his darkside propulsive style. Will fit well into a breakcore or a drum and bass set.  
  Breakage / Trance + Comatose + Aw Yeah / Inperspective  

As part of a new wave of Drum and Bass producers, New Planet-Mu signing Breakage has been pushing a drum funk sound, that basically means to the casual listener, textures, meticulous experimental beat surgery and crazy edits to the forefront, which is a relief and a step away from the aggro two step macho stuff that's taken over recently. Three tracks here, one rushy with mad edits and squiggly offbeat nods to experimenters like the warp producers. Comatose brings in marshall sounding live drums which are re-edited into a hazy drifting tunes, while Aw Yeah is quite different, a vintage Rephlexy type techno track.

  Senses / Babylon + Her Smiling Face / Bassbin  
Senses with a cracker of a two tracker, this new school choppy breaks d and b producer comes with the chopped up offbeat drum and bass of Babylon, with a really Good classic Detroit sounding bright and energetic sound on her Smiling Face.  
  Uffie / Pop Glock Feat. Mr Oizo & Feadz / Ed Banger  
Produced by Mr Oizo and Feadz from B-Pitch, this is innovative, well produced post 'Windowlicker' electronica. Cut up rapped vocals turn Uffie into a sexy doll cyborg, plus slip and slidey production techniques mixed with funky black American pop such as r and b and Miami Bass, create a quite unique pop meets electronics sound, like a kind of hyperpop, technoed Girls Aloud with more attitude. To add to the artificial aesthetic it's on bright pink vinyl.  
  Dudley Perkins / Testin Me + Funky / Stones Throw  
Dudley Perkins has a flow that's somewhere between mcing and singing, kinda gruff but soulful. Two tracks here show off his talents over Madlib's offbeat hip hop that's kind of r and b'ed up here a bit with sharper shuffles.

Laurenz Pike / Drums For Fun & Fitness / Monika

Drums for fun and fitness is just simply an immense drum solo that sounds rhythmically absorbing and a kind of live drum equivalent to the kind of technical workouts found on Drukqs. The flip side contains remixes by Chica and the Folder - who do very strange things to it, masha qrella who kind of break it up and Gudrun Gut who turns it into a sweet pop song.

Limbertimbre / One Big Hit / Pretension

Excellent EP of intricate electro from Limbertimbre who recently had a track on the Spacebar Sentiments compilation. This is fantastic stuff with some of the best synth programming we've heard in ages and a tasty 2steppy mix from Si Begg.  
  Bass Kittens / 4 Things I Hate About You / Pretension  
The killer first release from the super-cool Pretension label, run by Justin Maxwell (Palette/Vol-Soc etc) and Jon Drukman (aka Bass Kittens). Mr Drukman gives four trax of classic style breaky electro in his inimitable style – the production is nailed, and you just know that this will storm any dancefloor with taste, mixing easily with a wide variety of other styles.  
  Paul Birken / Speaker Freakin' 2006 / Tonewrecker  
Re-release of this much sought after wonky acid / techno track from American producer Paul Birken. Originally released back in 1997 this one quickly sold out after a great deal of critical acclaim, for some reason it's taken nearly 10 years for it to reappear, this time via Birken's own Tonewrecker label. Featuring new remixes from Paul Birken, Tony Rohr and Mark EG as well as the original version.  
  Osymyso / Fruit From The First Batch / Noodles  
Excellent six track ep from Osymyso which feature his deft programming touch, bright english take on hip hop with lots of spoken word bits and pythonesque humour, call it sampledelica if you like.. i'd rather not but there you go, that's just me.  
  Warlock / Full Tilt / Rag N Bone  
Excellent two tracker from Warlock who brings some excellent tricks with his own take on a grimey sound. Full Tilt employs some orchestral stabs to bring the drama whilst Grenade rocks a soca-esque rhythm over a shifting bassline. Warlocks stuff has a kind of boundering techno energy to it which sets him apart from other producers.  

Various Artists / Dirty Needles 2 / Dirty Needles

I guess you could call this music Grime and Dubstep inspired, people from just outside the scene taking influences and building their own tracks. So varied tracks from Warlock, Dj Controlled Weirdness, The Dexorcist and Blackmass Plastics, guys more associated with the more breakcore and experimental side of electronic music. You get cold cold dubstep atmosphere with Dj Controlled Weirdness, Twisted dubstep with Blackmass Plastics, Breaky darkness with the Dexorcist and Warlock.  
  Speed Baby / Taken + Lurcher / Bow Wow  
Two slammin' tracks from Tim Wright aka Tubejerk in his trademark breaks/2step/techno style. Snarling basslines, syncopated beats and a solid selection of bleeps and sirens combined with his impeccable production values make this one a guaranteed dancefloor smasher!  
  Monolake / Plumbicon Versions 2 (Deadbeat + Rebreather Mixes) / Imbalance  
The second Plumbicon remix EP calms things down a bit with two gloriously deep ambient mixes from Scape artist Deadbeat and Rebreather who are Tobias Enhus and Andrew Phillpott - two acclaimed Hollywood sound designers!  
  The American Analog Set / Late One Sunday And The Following Morning / Darla  
The world's most languorous slow-core unit give us their epic 13:13 minute Bliss Out. This musical mantra is very different from the Set's previous albums such as the most recent one on Morr. The group incorporates the same instrumentation but perform in a style that's more mature and perhaps a little more eastern than western sounding. The title track is built on a solid, repetitive, drum beat. The mellow organic groove is textured with smooth bass, atmospheric & rhythmic keys and sparkling guitar. "The Following Morning", which clocks in at 10:29, is a meditative electronic instrumental similar to works of Mouse On Mars and Microstoria. This particular piece is very harmonic and tonal in composition. The feeling is modern, minimal, Japanese. It's not unlike Eno circa Music For Airports or the ambient pieces from Bowie's Low and Heroes Lps which were composed fully or in part by Eno. A Class Act  
  Loefah + Vex'd / The Knowledge + Candyfloss Remixes / Hot Flush  
Excellent pure shower remixes. One dubshower, courtesy of Loefah's tropical warm dubbed out re-rub of Search and Destroy's Candyfloss, and one cold shower courtesy of Vex'd mix of Toasty's classic 'The Knowledge. Loefah's mix is warmer and fatter than ever before with a vocal sample truly dubbed for your pleasure, whilst Vex'd creates the ultimate chilly concrete dystopia, re-editing the original break to give it yet more martial rigidity. Very Good Indeed.  
  Darqwan Vs Mark One / Bigga Times + Stargate 92 Rmx / Stormin  

Wicked and quite ravey single from Mssrs Darqwan aka Oris Jay and Mark One. Darqwan does a heavy breaksy mix with plenty of old school rave flavour, whilst Mark one remixes Stargate 92 from the rephlex grime compilation, giving it a massive bruising bassline and more melodic detail.

  D1 / Degrees / Tempa  
D1 is no average producer, the thing that stands out with him is amazing sense of melody and space. Identity has a beautiful pastel Oriental sounding melody that wouldn't sound out of place on a Ryuichi Sakamoto album, stunning and quite beautiful. Lead track Degrees has very simple repeating keys and lots of dangerous space. Molecules is darker with strange strings. Outstanding music.  
  DJ Shadow /3 Freaks Feat. Keak Da Sneak + Turf Talk / Rapid Pulse Records  

Wicked and very very limited single from the one called Dj Shadow in absolutely prime form as producer on this 3 tracker which sounds like no one else but better than everyone else at the same time. Electronic hip hop of the finest quality.

  Team Shadetek + Red Dragon + Drop The Lime / Gal Yuh Nah Beg / Shockout  

Team Shadetek come with a very tasty Eastern European Riddim that's close to an actual Lenky style dancehall riddim, with an instrumental. Drop the Lime does a more scattershot electronic thing to the vocal here with a more breakcore element.

  Nino Moschella / The Real Better Believe Feat. Sa Ra / Ubiquity  
Generous six track ep from Ubiquity with a fellow called Nino Moschella doing a kind of synthy update on a Sly Stone kind of tip. The best thing about this ep comes from Sa-ra creative partners who are the big signing on Kayne West's new label and hottly tipped for 2006, worth checking the Sound of L.A. eps we also have in stock for more of this kind of music too. Sa-Ra do a kind of synthy electronica version of hip hop/r and b with that off beat shuffly feeling that J Dee mastered in his productions. Fresh for 06.
  D-rradio / Born + Home To Light / Distraction Records  
Excellent two tracker of finely crafted delicate electronics, the best track here is come to light which is a rather imaginative and take on a folktronic kind of sound.  
  65 Days Of Static / Hole / Monotreme  
New limited single of noisy post-rock and electronics from 65 Days Of Static who're about to embark on a nationwide tour with Warp artist Clark. You get seven tracks including an interesting d 'n' b influenced remix of 'The Fall Of Math' by the band themselves and an additional mix by Mothboy.  
  65 Days Of Static / Radio Protector / Monotreme  
Two new efforts from 65 Days Of Static on this numbered 7". These tracks feature a nice mixture of soft, gentle sounds and frantic, energetic arrangements that never sound too cluttered or noisy.

  Kenny Larkin / Azimuth / Rush Hour  
Here is another wicked repress of collected Highlights from Kenny Larkin's classic Warp Album Azimuth, collected remastered and selected on loud 12". It's a good way to re-evaluate Kenny's contribution to techno as all these tracks sound contemporary and innovative, pick of the bunch being Tedra and Track, as well as the fusioney Azimuth.  
  Model 500 / Ocean To Ocean Ep / Transmat  
Model 500 ie Juan Atkin's brilliant Ocean To Ocean Record that also includes the excellent Infoworld and the Wanderer. Classic Detroit Techno.  
  Suburban Knight / The Art Of Stalking / Transmat  
Suburban Knights brilliant Art of Stalking record, one of the most influential techno records of all time and the template for people like Planet Core Productions, The Mover and Lory D this is dark and deep and almost animalistic, backed by the equally excellent 'The Worlds'.  
  Rhythim Is Rhythim / It Is What It Is / Transmat  
Three of Derrick May's most classic tracks on ep here - long unavailable and pricey now but we've got some.  
Encre / Encre A Kora / Intr.version  
Yann Tambour here with a mixture of the kind of instruments you wouldn't normally expect to find on an electronic music cd, this cd contains a combination of Malian Kora (possibly one of the loveliest sounds in the world), Violin, piano, voice and what he calls 'Math Folk'. This means he deftly edits these instruments into a kind of folkish sound but the arrangements have a closeness to the complex phasing of minimalists like Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Limited to 500 in number with a handmade sleeve and silk printed poster.  



  Battles / 'I Have Battles In My Life' Black T-Shirt  
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