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Saturday 23rd October 2004 -
Rhodes House,
Cape Town

All soul'd out and Prototype come together to bring you a fusion of the finest underground music genres as German cultural week celebrates 10 years of democracy in South Africa

Main Floor:
Dixon (Sonar Kollectiv - Germany)
Bruno Morphet (Return To The Deep) Jack Gorton (Cosmic)
Erefaan Pearce (1977 Recordings)
Shaun Duvet (Anything Goes)

Performance Floor:
Forss (Sonar Kollectiv - Germany)
Honey B (African Dope) Kalahari Surfer (African Dope)
Fletcher (African Dope) Lark (Unit R)
Sibot Featuring Watkin Tudor Jones Jr (African Dope)
Low (African Dope)

Top Floor:
Leyton Moody (Soul Revival) Mr Gelatine (Klankhuis)
Ivan (Prototype) Matt Blitz (I Love Digital)

Having been producing electronic music for over a decade Eric Wahlforss
continues to push the envelope of sonic construction with his glitched
yet soulful broken beat sound. With releases already licensed by the likes
of Gilles Peterson, be prepared for anything.

A renowned advocate of what dance culture calls deepness.
Berlin's Steffen Dixon Berkhahn takes a wide angle view of house music.
While most big name Dj's subsist by hammering on a single idea for an
hour or more, Dixon finds value in touching a multitude of bases, connecting
them in a way that makes perfect musical sense

article link
When Breakage was hailed onto a Reinforced compilation some three years ago, he immediately blew up. His remix of the Doc Scott classic ‘Here Come the Drums’ was an instant clubhit and soon after, Breakage surfaced again, with a 4-track EP on the same legendary label..view


article link
What’s the connection between music and the drugs?
This is a question that any of us who have been part of an urban music scene could ask ourselves
. view


article link
We get the lowdown on Cape Town's Extraordinaire KYLO101 view

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Warp Logo Update

October 2004


Beans 'Shock City Maverick', 'Deadman's Shoes' OST, Ricardo Villalobos 'The Au Hareme D'archimede', Misc 'Crunch Time', Subtle 'A New White', 808 State 'Prebuild', Blu TribunL, LFO vs !!!, Savath and Savalas 'Manana' and more.



Hello friends of Warp and welcome to the Warpmart October mailout. Below you will find information about some of the latest releases available in the shop: the very best of new electronic, experimental, dance and just plain good music. You will also find news of exclusives, speical offers and back catalogue restocks. Just click on images or links to jump to the corresponding pages at Warpmart.

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at



Beans 'Shock City Maverick'

Beans album


The one and only MR BALLBEAM himself returns with a brilliant new album on Warp, out now.

Taking up where the 'Now Soon Someday' EP left off, 'Shock City Maverick' moves into new ground with a relentlessly virtuoso flow, melding raw electronics, futuristic soul and mind-bending lyrical word play.

With red hot production contributions from Mark Pritchard (Global Communication / Jedi Knights), 'Shock City Maverick' has potential for dance floor filling as well as satisfaction through LOUD headphone listening.

You can find out more details about the album by clicking here.

Also still available - 'Down by Law', the recent EP on Warp.


Dead Man's Shoes

Dead Man's Shoes OST

The offical soundtrack to the recent Shane Meadows film 'Deadman's Shoes', released on Warp Films' is now available on Warpmart.

As you would expect, the soundtrack is central to the film, providing a counterpoint between the great pastures of the Peak District and the deranged scenes of violent retribution.

Artists like Smog and Gravenhurst, provide their creepy modern folkiness, as well as Aphex Twin and Laurent Garnier.

Find out more details about the film by clicking here.

Subtle A New White

Subtle 'A New White'

Subtle follow up the F.K.O. EP with an excellent new album for Lex Records.

The core members of Them, Doseone and Jel, combine to great effect on a mind expanding journey into hip hop aesthetics - "This is hip-hop as black hole, devouring everything it touches." [Pitchfork]


Autechre Draft 7.30
















Misc / Crunch Time / Sender Records

Bouncing bass lines, swinging techno drums, and a bag full of fragmented acid pieces, squealing machine noises and cleverly programmed structures on the latest Sender release, a full artist album from Misc.

Villalobos / The Au Harem D'archimede / Perlon

Yes! Villalobos returns after the might of Alcachofa, with a brand new album of sublime and epic tracks for his spiritual home Perlon. This album proves to be well worth the wait, using techno and house scaffolding to achieve many exciting innovations.


Sten / Leaving the Frantic / Dial

Described as an “unholy trinity of Chicago house, acid & Detroit techno”, there are strong echoes of Artifical Intelligence on this album, with just enough innovation from Sten (also known as the brilliant producer Lawrence) to make it peculiarly current!


808 State / Prebuild / Rephlex

Excellent new album on Rephlex, which manages to be both a fascinating document of early acid house music, and a collection of really fat sounding tunes. The tracks that make up the album are taken from live performances, studio outtakes and fragmentary experiments, but put together they form a compelling sketch of the early days of 808 State.


shitmat / Full English Breakfest / Planet Mu

With ZIQ105CD, Planet Mu bring to the end the shitmat Full English Breakfest series, a somewhat genre defining moment, though that should perhaps be ‘genre defying' since the tracks range from bagpipe knees-ups to junglist mayhem.


Various / Blu TribunL / InflatabL Label

‘Blu TribunL' is the follow up to ‘Dub TribunL', in a series of records on the Inflatabl label which asks electronic artists to find inspiration in decidedly non ‘electronica' settings. This time around, Freeform, Akfuen and The Rip Off Artist get too work admirably with their scissor hands on some blues classics.



LFO Remix of !!! 'Me and Giuliani...'


savath and savalas




You can now purchase one of the limited numbers of LFO's !!! remix from Warpmart.

Mark Bell gets to grips with 'Me and Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard', stripping the track down to a repeated vocal refrain before launching a ballistic bass missle into the tune, that will guarantee the true dancefloor potential of this cult classic is thoroughly realised.

This is a strictly limited, one-sided release, each copy with hand stamped labels.


savath and savalas    

Savath And Savalas 'Manana'

Savath & Savalas is Scott Herren and Eva Puyeulo Muns. Scott is the fêted hip-hop producer known as Prefuse 73.

The duo return with 'Mañana', eight new tracks exclusive to this release.

The depth of Scott Herren's extraordinary production and songwriting talent is once again displayed.

Eva’s stunning vocal inflections are present once again, providing a sultry addition to Herren’s mix of electronic and organic atmospheres.



Home Video 'Citizen'

The latest EP from Home Video offers a glimpse of the things to come on a full debut album in 2005.

Originally formed in New Orleans, Home Video have been performing some exciting shows around Europe this autumn.

The band have absorbed everything from Smashing Pumpkins and New Order to Kraftwerk and Boards of Canada yet bristle with originality.

Home Video’s dark, electronically-fuelled pop could very well be the sound of a new musical movement.


















Steve Barnes and Riley Reinhold / Odyssey / My Best Friend

More absolute perfection from Traumschplatten offshoot My Best Friend, which is currently mining a rich seam of electronic minded disco beauty. Highly recommended.


Various / Illegal Loops 3 / Syncom

A massive archive of locked grooves from all sorts of genres and across the music spectrum, expertly chosen and pressed, and designed to freshen up the stalest DJ set!


Ark / Sucubz / Brif

Brif come up with a very welcome reissue of an excellent EP from the French minimal funk pioneer Ark, featuring remixes from Matthew Herbert and Mr Ozio.


Ultradyne / Cities in Retro / Black Label

The shadily named ‘Black Label Records' have done the world a small but significant favour and reissued an obscure old Ultradyne EP, now retitled ‘Cities in Retro'. Dark, cold electro from those who know best how to make it.


Rob Acid / Voltage EP / Lone Records

Rob Acid returns with another solid piece of acid magic committed to 12”, after the excellent and rightly popular ‘Something' 12” that came out over the summer. Solid, heavy, techno numbers throughout.


Various / Be Strong / Shockout

Another episode in the ongoing SHOCKOUT series, bringing together 'electronic' composers and jungle / reggae / ragga artists, and blurring the boundaries inbetween.


Andrew Thomas / Hushhh / Kompakt

Kompakt have been releasing some of the best ambient music in the last few years - check out the Pop Ambient compilations.

This latest 12” contains four great ambient tracks, for lovers of Eno and SAW II.