Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde der visuellen Kultur,
liebe Interessentinnen und Interessenten von <equaleyes,

wir laden Euch herzlich ein zur

2. Juni 2005 :: 20 Uhr
Medienwerkstatt Wien
Neubaugasse 40a :: 1070 Wien


Jan Lauth und Stefan Lutschinger
(pooool :: Verein zur Förderung visueller Kunst und Kultur)
ziehen Bilanz über ein Jahr <equaleyes.
Wir geben einen Einblick in das Projekt und
laden herzlich zur Diskussion über die Kunst und Kultur von VisualistInnen ein.

<equaleyes startete als Gemeinschaftsprojekt von pooool, eye|con und visualist/in/daba im Juli 2004. Ein Ziel von <equaleyes ist die Schaffung eines stärkeren öffentlichen Bewusstseins für die künstlerische Arbeit von VisualistInnen und das Sichtbarmachen der Kulturräume, die von ihnen in den Schnittpunkten von Kunst, Kultur und Wirtschaft besetzt und aufgewertet werden.
Ein wichtiger Schwerpunkt ist die Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich visuelle Medien in Hinblick auf visuelle Grammatik und zukünftige Medienräume, sowie innovative Verwertungs- und Wertschöpfungsmodelle für die Werke von VisualistInnen.

pooool betreibt seit Juli 2004 zweimonatlich die <equaleyes-Nächte in der Ovalhalle des MQ Wien: Der Abend beginnt mit 2 Stunden "Sehschule" - Bildwissenschaftlicher Diskurs und Wahrnehmungsschärfung zu verschiedenen Themen - und geht anschließend nahtlos in eine Party über, bei der raumfüllende visuelle Inszenierungen und der Dialog des Visuellen mit der Musik im Vordergrund stehen.

Darüber hinaus veranstaltete <equaleyes den ersten österreichischen VisualistInnen-Kongress im Museumsquartier und nahm an anderen Kunst- und Kulturprojekten teil (z.B. netznetz, update im Künstlerhaus, seriousPOP).

Die Perspektiven für die weitere Entwicklung des Projektes sind vielfältig. Wir geben einen Ausblick auf geplante Aktivitäten, Kooperationen und weitere Projekte zur Förderung visueller Kunst und Kultur.

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Erscheinen und einen spannenden Austausch!




Red Bull Music Academy Lounge

"Justin" Silvia Prada


All the exhibitions which, though they were not produced specifically for the festival, take part in the Sónar programme.

Red Bull Music Academy Lounge
Hall - Floor 2 CCCB
Access :: Sónar by Day Ticket

The Red Bull Music Academy feels honoured to contribute to this year's Sónar Festival programme by inviting Dj's and producers that have been part of one of the Academy editions since 1998: Berlin, Dublin, New York, London, Sao Paulo, Cape Town or Rome. In Barcelona, these participants will come together with their freshly manufactured sounds from various corners of the planet: from Irish scratches to Texas techno , and through Austrian electro-rock- no fakin' jacks, just funky sensations.

Thursday 16
12:00 PM Tall (Red Salamanda, CZE)
1:00 PM 1 UiK Project (Enchufada, POR)
2:00 PM Arveene (ClampDown/Nylon, IRL)
3:00 PM Emma Jean Denee (Good Company, NZL)
4:00 PM Mize & die_Katse (Abbruchhaus, SUI)
5:00 PM Miss Memory (Southern Outpost, AUS)
6:00 PM Viktor Flores (Sinsal Audio, ESP)
7:00 PM Timmy Stewart (Island Hopper, N. IRL)
8:00 PM Leisure Suit (TNT Jackson, AUT)
9:00 PM Statik (Synch/The-Pins, GRE)

Friday 17
12:00 PM AMMO (A-M-M-O, NED)
1:00 PM Zuzee (Waxolutionists, AUT)
2:00 PM Serge (Play, BEL)
3:00 PM Marco Morales (, USA)
4:00 PM Mina Tylöskog (OffSide, SWE)
5:00 PM Real Estate Agents (African Dope, RSA)
6:00 PM Outersites V3 (Mono Cromatica, POR)
7:00 PM Jneiro Jarel (Kindred Spirits, USA)
8:00 PM Mark Bell (Bellcrash/Island Hopper, N. IRL)
9:00 PM Popnebo & DadaBLEEP (Traum/Anorak, GER)

Saturday 18
12:00 PM Sue Bowerman (SuB-marine, GBR)
1:00 PM Jay-P (Plastic Surgeons, N. IRL)
2:00 PM Dirk Rumpff (OFFtrack, GER)
3:00 PM Thinktoy (Thinknology, IRL)
4:00 PM Felix F. (Electro-nix Gang Bang, AUT)
5:00 PM Menni (Sunday Finest, NED)
6:00 PM Phrenic (Down Low, USA)
7:00 PM (NON, GRE)
8:00 PM Tony Nwachukwu (Nepa Recordings, GBR)
9:00 PM Eclat (Music For Freaks, ITA)

Festival of Art and Literature organized by Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, curator: Javier Montero.
La Capella (Hospital 56)
Free access, limited capacity

It seems we are living in unstable times.
The profound biological and cultural changes we are going through are determining new forms of narrating and plotting of what we understand as reality. Different expression phenomena are being developed around us which radically question what we have traditionally considered as Literature. These border territories question the traditional formats and ways of telling and reading. They play with self-referentiality and with the languages which set the pace for the image of the world.
Antiliterature is a way of analysing and enjoying the most exciting and provocative narrative currents that are being generated in this environment. Inspired by a desire to polemicise, this project gives Literature the third degree, by exploring new narrative pathways which defy the borders between the visual, the literary and the oral.

Tuesday 14
David Toop (UK, músico)

Wednesday 15
Miguel Morey (Barcelona, escritor)
Luke Fowler (UK. director documentales y músico)

Thursday 16
Doseone (US, vocalista)
The Light Surgeons (UK)

Friday 17
La Oveja Negra (Madrid)
Column One (DE)

FRANCIS ALŸS, "Walking Distance from the Studio"
Exhibition dates: 27 May to 29 August 2005
Curators: Gijs van Tuyl/Annelie Lütgens (Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg); Bartomeu Marí (MACBA)
Production: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, in association with MACBA
Access: Sónar by Day Ticket

The exhibition "Francis Alÿs. Walking Distance from the Studio" concentrates on a selection of works done over the last twelve years of Alÿs' artistic production. They are related to the “Zócalo” – the main square in Mexico City – and its surroundings, where the artist lives and works. Alÿs' temporary and transitory projects focus on the public and social space of the district and are produced in situations in which he is walking and exploring the streets of the neighbourhood. He creates actions in urban contexts and uses walking as a creative process.
Alÿs is Belgian in origin and trained as an architect before moving to Mexico City, where he has produced most of his work, in the eighties. The city, its immediate physical and human environment, provide him with contents and materials which are found in his drawings, paintings, videos, photographs and slides, techniques and supports which he has used simultaneously. In the nineties his best known work consisted of series of paintings done by poster artists, craftsmen who make the advertising hoardings for the city, from Alÿs' drawings or themes; they were a criticism of the production and consumption of images in the art world, since the figure of the artist was fading behind the craftsmen's manual reproduction techniques and the style and subject matter of the works was vanishing in repetition and variation.

SILVIA PRADA, "All Things Pop"

Centre d'Art Santa Mònica. Rambla de Santa Mònica 7
Access: Sonarama ticket

“All Things Pop” or the incessant creation of new iconographies through the images churned out by MTV, in trendy magazines, fashion photography, advertising campaigns, film trailers or music promos and, of course, comics, manga, street culture and the collapse that represents the speed with which things change without giving us time to assimilate them. These are some of the things that can be found in the communicative spirit of Silvia Prada, an illustrator of a reality – our reality – as intense as it is ephemeral, as pleasant as it is overwhelming.

More information at

Plat du Jour (Matthew Herbert)

Cuisine Concrète (María Durán)

The Vegetable Orchestra

Sónar 2005 takes part in the Year of Food, Cuisine and Gastronomy 2005 - 2006

On the occasion of the celebration of the Year of Food, Cuisine and Gastronomy, Sónar joins the party with a special showcase in which sounds, food and kitchen utensils share the spotlight on the Hall stage.

An experimental menu has been prepared –dubbed Plat Du Jour– in which one will be able to savour the new project of the always clever Matthew Herbert. The acoustic, culinary experiments that go under the name of Cuisine Concrete, created by Sevillian María Durán, as well as the peculiar interactive and musical cuisine of the Vienese group The Vegetable Orchestra, also stand out.

Dishes, tables and sounds... bon appetit!

Programmed proposals:

The Vegetable Orchestra (AT) :: This rather unusual orchestra is made up of ten of the weirdest musicians you can imagine. All manner of vegetables, purchased by the performers themselves, are used as instruments in live acts before ending up in the cooking pot. Ever wondered how carrots sound?

Plat Du Jour (UK) :: One of Matthew Herbert’s obsessions has always been the processing of real sounds. This has carried over into his latest project, where the English wizard of sound has this time decided to focus on food as the backdrop. A poetic indictment against fast food where the noises of the ingredients, the pots and pans and other kitchen utensils are transformed into music through his innate talent and the support of three musicians from his Big Band. Featuring visuals and a chef.

Cuisine Concrète + Jordi Vilà (ES) :: María Durán from Seville conjures up her delicious sound track live, using “prepared cuisine” as a musical source, together with Jordi Vilà, cook of the Alkimia restaurant in Barcelona. In her own words "the number of possible sound compositions equals the numbers of known recipes, and within these, the variations are infinite". Coproduced by Gracia Territori Sonor.

More information at