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SonarSound returns to the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

For the fourth year in a row, SonarSound returns to Hamburg at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival on August 12. This is one of the most prestigious cultural events of the European circuit. Established in 1986, the festival consistently combines performances by big classical music stars with concerts that showcase new trends. It also devotes each edition to reviewing the current music of one country. This year it is Japan’s turn.

The main stage of Hamburg’s Kampnagel lounge –the Main Hall (K6)– will showcase SonarSound night with performances by various respected Japanese artists. The programme includes an exclusive set by Dj Krush and live performances by Hofuku Sochi, World’s End Girlfriend and Mu. Many of them recently appeared at Sónar 2005 in Barcelona and got an excellent reaction from the public.

SonarSound is a glossary of the emerging trends and timeless hits of the electronic universe; an event that has travelled to London, Lisbon, Neuchâtel, São Paulo, Rome and Tokyo and which reflects the decentralized state of electronic music.

SonarSound is an initiative by Advanced Music.

Music programme

Main Hall (K6)

21:30-22:30 :: Hofuku Sochi
This pair of local experimenters is equally capable of using Nintendo software as publishing their material exclusively in netlabels. Hofuku Sochi will offer an overview of their risky discography, including a re-mix dedicated to the godfather of sampling, French veteran Pierre Henry.

22:45-23:45 :: World’s End Girlfriend (live)
Featured in interesting catalogues such as those by Third Ear, Forfull, Young-Z, Current, Noble and Cubic Music, labels which have fallen in love with the group’s moving and temperamental species of electronic. Strange and complex landscapes that invite us to disappear.

00:00-01:00 :: Mu (live)
Mutsumi Kanamori, author with her husband Maurice Fulton of the hit “Paris Hilton”, represents the most wild and subversive side of dance music. Martian house, twisted beats, and all the glamour in the world. Disco-punk at its most chic.

01:15 -02:15 :: Dj Krush (dj)
Pioneer of the Japanese hip hop scene and creator of a personal sound that fluctuates between abstract beats and electrojazz, Dj Krush has been dazzling audiences around the world since 1991 with hypnotic sets and stylised productions

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