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Liebe RO.DIY-Freunde,

die Sommerpause hat ein Ende. Wer weiß wie es war: der weiß wie es wird.

Samstag - 20.08.05 ab 21:00 Uhr

Weiter irrfahren durch Literatur, Musik und Film!

Zyklopen drücken schon mal ein Auge zu, wenn Nico Spindler und Daniel Schoeps navigieren.
Sie waren verschollen - doch da sind sie ja wieder und ... irren weiter!

Der 6. Gesang mit einem starken Film von Jakob Grunert (NY U´ground im Musikvideo),
Harald Stazol liest auf der großen Bühne und Spindler hat Schmerzportraits,
Bildfunkskizzen und die Powerpredigt.

anschließend ....

Musik zum Rocken


Jake Fairley - live! - (Paper Bag / Sender Rec. / Toronto-Berlin)
Play (DIY)

Jake Fairley aus Kanada hat seit Mitte 2000 knapp 20 Releases auf bekannten Labels wie u.a. Kompakt, Traum, Sender, Festplatten und Dumb-Unit veröffentlicht. Sein Style ist minimaler Techno mit allerlei Anleihen aus anderen Musikrichtungen, seit neustem erforscht er die Gradlinie zwischen Techno und Rock Music. Alle kommen, dass wird lustig!

Wir freuen uns auf Euch...
Euer RO.DIY-Verein

Bartelsstraße 65, 20357 Hamburg







photos der vernissage | images of the opening

Grunert & 56k

Bilder unserer aktuellen Ausstellungseröffnung mit neuen und alten Arbeiten von 56k, der Premiere des Kurzfilms "soundtracks" von Jakob Grunert sowie Musik von und mit Grunert & DJ Sdag sind online: | 
images of the opening of our latest exhibition featuring works by 56k, the premiere of the short film "soundtracks" by jakob grunert and music by grunert and dj sdag are online:

link zu den Fotos

Die Ausstellung mit Arbeiten von 56k ist bis 2. September von mittwochs - freitags, 14 - 19 Uhr, zu sehen. | exhibition feat. artworks by 56k will be on display until september 2 during the opening hours of the gallery (wed - fri 2 - 7 p.m.)

weitere Informationen zu Grunert und 56k auf unserer Websitemore infomation about Grunert and 56k at our website.

weitere Artikel über den heliumcowboy artspace & diese Ausstellung in und shift! | read also the articles at (german) or shift! (english)

galerie heliumcowboy artspace

Sternstr. 2-4 | 20357 Hamburg | 040 - 484 088 60 |

how to get there / map





  Warpmart News August 2005

Warp Logo Update

August 2005


Latest Warpmart News, Warp Releases, DVDs and Hot New Products.


Hello friends of Warp, greetings to you all and welcome to the Warpmart August mailout. Below you will find information about some of the latest releases available in the shop: the very best of new electronic, experimental, dance and just plain good music. You will also find news of exclusives, special offers and back catalogue restocks. Just click on images or links to jump to the corresponding pages at Warpmart.

Our website is updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please visit the site or email us at



Warp Vision Packshot AFX / LFO : 4 Track EP. 2000 copies only.
AFX: Naks 11 [Mono] / 46 Analord-masplid
LFO: Flu Shot [Kringlan] / Pathfinder
Released 22nd August
Warp Vision Packshot A taster of the excellent new album released 08/05 Thoughts from Broadcast's lead singer Trish Keenan The lyrics to 'America's Boy' were generated by my reactions to a tabloid cryptic crossword. The clues were topically about the war in Iraq, and in general, their stance was one of anti-American occupation. In my frustration at not being able to decipher the clues, I began to react to them, make up my own answers, mimicking back the language of the clues. I was interested then in possible answers. I got on a roll arguing with the clues, asking questions back, taking offence to them and deliberately misreading them. What came back was a sort of celebration of the American soldier. Snap shots of the heroics of American Imperialism, the all out impressiveness of its big achievements. Also something that the British do not have in their culture, a self celebratory nature towards their own country.

The lyrics of Tender Buttons were generated through automatic writing. They are my free falling thoughts. I believe that words have their own life. That if you throw words together randomly, they naturally make sense. Language just wants to be understood.
Warp Vision Packshot A three track vinyl only taster to the awesome 'Smash' album which will be preselling at Warpmart soon with a fantastic Jackson mix cd.

PRESELLING, RELEASED 22ND AUGUST SAME DAY AS AFX/LFO 12" Developing Smash's restless "antique futurist" style was a labour of love for Jackson. He recorded it again and again, adding layer upon layer, at home and in dingy Paris studios. One basement laboratory he shared with his pal Mr Oizo, who mixed two tracks on the record. Jackson's also responsible for some of the artwork, including the deliciously prurient inside painting.

Jackson's music takes on many influences, scrunching Aphex into Hendrix, Boards of Canada into Bowie and beyond. "The idea is to mix unmatchable elements, to slash boundaries and create tension between opposites," he says. "Challenging aesthetic codes has been an obsession while making this record. The constantly chopped-up audiovisual environment we're exposed to in cities through technology is a source of inspiration for me. It's funny and brutal at the same time. So if I can use this to come out with some emotional shocks, that's cool."
  Mu-ziq - Ease Up
Warp Vision Packshot Very strong three tracker from Planet-Mu head honcho Mu-ziq. Three tracks, a 94 amen roller complete with dubbed out Barrington Levy samples and a nasty gabberish breakdown. "Wergle the proud" is more standard Muziq fare, lovely melodies over a lolloping breakbeat, but the standout is Ease-Up V.I.P. More complex choppy breaks than the original , Barrington Levy AND Tenor Saw samples, a moody melody, fat bass and a dirty gabbaish breakdown. Tuff
  Kode 9 and SpaceApe - Kingstown
Warp Vision Packshot Superb release from Kode 9 and the Space ape with the strongest single yet. Deep lyrics from the Space Ape with some of the best production around. Strongly emotive with a really warm Tropical feel. And is that a London bus bell they've used as part of drums? Imagine Linton Kwesi Johnson has arrived back from time travelling into the future ...
  Macabre Unit - Lift Off
Warp Vision Packshot Really excellent new single from rising stars Macabre Unit. Lead track 'Lift Off' is a catchy upbeat bouncy summer anthem that sounds like the sort of thing Carl Craig would do if he was a dubstepper. It's also a real antidote to the grimmer more moody stuff, guaranteed to get the floor dancing. Death by Stereo remix is a mix of the Grime 01 classic "death by stereo" and Tensor Jam is a catchy minimal bass heavy beast of a track. Highly recommended.
Warp Vision Packshot Excellent ep from Ananda that includes a fantastic Isolee mix, still smarting from his last great album + a lovely Lawrence mix.
  Mossa - Slavery When Wet
Warp Vision Packshot Orac continue their exploration of disorientation with this new cut from Mossa. The granulated vocal chops and grunts ping around like nobodies business while it's all pinned down by a solid bounce. Includes a remix from Ben Neville.
  Various - Rio Baille Funk / Favella Booty Beats
Warp Vision Packshot Limited release. This four track, DJ friendly vinyl, introduces the original, uncut, present day street sound of Rios favelas. Two tracks are drawn from the "Rio Baile Funk - Favela Booty Beats" compilation by Daniel Haaksman and the other two are taken from the forthcoming "Senor Coconut presents Coconut-FM". TRACKLISTING: A1 O Carrascos "Pique T",A2 Jack e Chocolate "Pavarotti" AA1 Vanessinha - Pega Pega, AA2 Malha Funk - Nova Danca
  Random Noise Generation - P.M.P
Warp Vision Packshot The Burden Brothers on this track originally composed for the DVD the exhibitionist by Jeff Mills. Side two has a tasty Octave One mix and an instrumental which contrast with side ones contemplative slow burner.
  Autechre / Seelfeel - Spangle
Warp Vision Packshot Back in stock! (Limited Quantity).Please don't be put off by the one track nature of this single! It's not worth any Autechre or Seefeel fan missing out on this remix, which builds and mutates over the course of 12 minutes and 12 seconds into a quiet little masterpiece.
  Aardvark - Just Washed That Pig
Warp Vision Packshot One sided Promo of the brilliant and underrated producer known as AArdvark, him of Cult Copy fame. This is a re-release of the track that brought him to the attention of the techno world. First rate masterful minimalism. Wittily one side is called the club mix, the other the silent mix.
  Amp Dog Knight - Over You

Warp Vision Packshot


Ecellent new single from Kenny Dixon Jnr ie Moodyman and AmpFiddler. Very Prince like Soulful Detroit house, understated Soulful and Warm, defintitley a must for Jamie Lidell fans.Absolutley lovely comes with Original, Instrumental and Dub mixes..



  Various - Freestyle
Autechre Draft 7.30 Freestyle 'The Art of Rhyme' explosively documents the world of hip hop battles'. Providing an authentic look into the life, music and history of this underground culture. Packed with rare and archival footage of some of the most amazing hip-hop mc's ever to bless the mic! Features mcs such as Divine Styler, Mos Def, Craig G, Pharoahe Monk, Jurassic 5, Lord Finesse and more. Accolades from the press: 'A rousing education in an art form that is too often misunderstood' The New York Times 'The Energy is Contagious, the Poetry inspired, The most lively and informative movie about hip hop since Wildstyle' Village Voice Awesome, will literally leave you speechless' Indiewire 'Outstrips all previous films on hip hop 'Time Out.



  Dmx Krew - Collapse Of The Wave Function 04  
James Cotton The Dancing Box

Two excellent new albums from DMX Krew - which seem to have been inspired by the current Quantum Dynamics meme running through Rephlex's releases.

Dmx Krew - Collapse Of The Wave Function 05  
Audion Kisses

Two excellent new albums from DMX Krew - which seem to have been inspired by the current Quantum Dynamics meme running through Rephlex's releases.

Arpanet - Quantum Transposition  

Amazing new album from Arpanet, aka Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Japanese Telecom, one half of Drexciya etc. Forget all that though, Rephlex have managed to get an album that leaves behind the Drexciyan deep water analogue adventures and the more gaseous ambient stuff he's been doing lately and got an album of tasty Gothic Futurist vignettes, all based around the same methods and principals. The tracks on this album sound similar to each other but in the same way as prime Drexciya they are all incredibly rich, deep, occasionally unsettling and engaging and unlike recent Doppleffeckt stuff, they've got drums. Rephlex at their best, preselling and shipping for release on Mon 15/08.

Various - Kalk Seeds  
This delightful compilation highlights the laidback, experimental sound of Cologne's Karaoke Kalk label, it's perfect for these beautifull summer days. Includes tracks from Hausmeister, Mapstation, Pluramon, Weschel Garland and many more!  

Plus 8 reissues Classics One -3 of this excellent series avalaible again!  
  Various - Sonar 2005  
Hot double cd commemorating the sonar festival 2005,split into day and night with loads of exclusive tracks. Good for checking stuff out or just as an alternative NOW 2005 compilation!

Day time includes Duritti Column, Jamie Lidell, Subtle, Mocky, De La Soul, Khonnor, Goodiepal, Radian and others.

Night time, M.i.a, Lcd soundsystem, Mouse on Mars and Mark E Smith, ADA, Diplo, Markone, Soulwax, Ellen Allien, Mu, and more.
  Frog Pocket - Gonglot  
Great new album from Frog Pocket that combines electronics with acoustic elements such as prepared piano and strings to create a warm, deep listening experience with a loose improvised feeling. Overall the music sounds like the soundtrack to an excellent imaginary film.  
  Xiu-Xiu - La Foret  
Mouse on Mars Radial Connectors Excellent emotionally powerful album from Xiu Xiu who has previously recorded on Fat Cat records. The cd is a mixture of guitars, electronics and practically anything else that Xiu Xiu thinks will enhance the stark emotional character of the songs. That's not to say the album doesn't have a certain prettiness, but part of the deal is that scolding noise is just around the corner. Hints of Mogwai, Aphex and Joy Division echo on the album. This is a stark release, For example the lyrics of Saturn: "I will shoot this arrow right up anus and you'll taste what we taste / I will stab it right through the bottom of your mouth / you'll taste...what you make them taste", all to a blend of whistles, plaintive strings, and industrial stomp.But then to some degree we can all relate to that kind of sentiment.  
  Afrirampo - Kore Ga Maysku Da  

Afrirampo are an exciting new band from the Osaka Underground rock scene. This is a definite one for fans of Lightning Bolt, Boredoms, acid Mothers temple, Fantomas etc... Recent cover stars of the UK alt Bible "Plan B Magazine", they also played at ATP and toured with Sonic Youth and Lightning Bolt themselves. Close friends with Acid Mother's Temple and Boredoms, Afrirampo is a duo of two young girls who sing and play guitar and drums like no one else.Scantily clad in outrageous costumes, alternatley screaming and kicking and caressing their instruments with animalistic passion, this extreme and original band is the natural inheritor of Boredoms legacy.

  Okapi - Where's The Beef  

Okapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist who has previously collaborated with Christian Marclay. This is an interesting and varied release on the Rip Off Artist's Infatabl label proving that anything's possible with some good source material and a sampler.

  Skeletons and the Girl Faced Boy - Git  
Shinkoyo has joined forces with Ghostly International for the release of Git, Matt Mehlan's latest record under his Skeletons moniker. After two records as a solo act, Skeletons now has a full backing band, The Girl-Faced Boys. Mehlan and company mesh impeccable hooks with dark world-beat funk, gorgeous-but-creepy balladeer intonations, and grotesque moments of noise that forge cohesion from discord. The result of a truly collaborative effort, "Git" is a remarkable collection of distinctive kaleidoscopic pop. Escaping all easy categorizations, the album covers much new ground for genre cross-fertilizing with its singular soul, and serves as an eccentric older brother to Skeletons' previous albums, Life And The Afterbirth and I'm At The Top Of The World. The world of Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys has thus far been an esoteric one, but the brilliance of Git offers a solid and irresistible step forward into a new realm for Ghostly International and for avant-pop altogether.  
Various - Thai Beat a go- go vol 3  
Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the late 1960s to early 70s. The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 3, concentrates on Thai funk, exotic female pop, go-go and rock n roll, amazing moog blasters and of course some very weird tracks, extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! There is a lot of work and effort behind these comps and they have taken a long time to compile. Records with Thai 60s-70s funk/soul/rock/pop a-go-go bands are incredibley hard, if not impossible, to find as there is no Thai tradition of saving native artifacts from the 1960-70s.Infinitley more funky and punky than a barrel of Blocparty cds.  
Alaram Will Sound- Accoustica  
ALARM WILL SOUND, a young 22-piece new music band featuring voices, strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussionists, takes on WARPS twisted techno master APHEX TWIN in ACOUSTICA.

Alarm Will Sound, who the NY Times calls "the future of classical music," has, with a cadre of 10 arrangers, painstakingly recreated and rethought Aphex Twin's legendary electronic work for an all-acoustic ensemble. From creative new transcription ideas to using non-standard "classical music" instruments to ensuring that all four drummers are kept busy with Aphex's unimaginably intricate beats, this sounds like no CD you've heard before.





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noch 'ne kleine indische Schule für Indianer.... like George Harrison

"Try to realise it's all within yourself - no-one else
can make you change. [...]
And the time will come when you see we're all one
And life flows on within you and without you."
George Harrison (1943 - 2001)
(From: Beatles, St. Pepper)