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June 2004

Team Shadetek 'Burnerism' EP on Warp, Lex Album Discounts and Lexample Offer, !!! Album and Exclusive T-shirts, Big Rephlex Sale and Restock, Venetian Snares album, New Skam, New Cylob (woohoo!), Junior Boys album and dance 12"s from Errorsmith, Kompakt, Perlon, Sender, and UR. And even more, all below…
Hello friends of Warp and welcome to the second of a new regular fortnightly Warpmart mailout. Below you will find information about the latest releases available in the shop: the very best of new electronic, experimental, dance and just plain good music. You will also find news of exclusives, special offers and back catalogue restocks. Just click on headlines or links to jump to the corresponding pages at Warpmart

Our website is now updated every Friday with a full list of all new titles, releases and restocks. For more detailed information, please please visit the site or email us at mart@warprecords.com.


Team Shadetek 'Burnerism EP'

Warp's latest single is a blistering blend of hip hop, ragga jungle and the kind of crunchy electronics pioneered by Autechre. NYC's TEAM SHADETEk have filled up 'Burnerism' with the energy and dynamism of their live shows and the result is very exciting!

UK customers can benefit from FREE POSTAGE on all CD orders for the single while it remains on preorder. The release date of the single is Monday June 14th, and all orders will be sent to reach you on this date.

Fans of the fast rising electronic duo would also do well to check out wide variety of related music on Warpmart: singles and albums by The Bug 'Pressure' and 'Gun Disease' on Rephlex and singles on his own Razor X imprint (now restocked), plus the DJ Rupture releases on Violent Turd.

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!!! album and exclusive T-shirts

The new !!! album 'Louden Up Now 'is out now, and Warpmart orders for the record are being dispatched immediately. The album is initially available on two formats: double vinyl LP and limited edition CD, with an extra disc containing four exclusive tracks and remixes by Maurice Fulton. Both will retail at 10.99.

Also available is an older and pretty rare !!! album on Golden Standard Laboratories. We've sourced a few copies of the self-titled album and are selling them at a pleasant 9.99.

Scroll down to 'Merchandise' to find news of the exclusive t-shirts.


Boom Bip 'Corymb' Remixes Cd


For the whole of June, Warpmart are offering the Lex CD back catalogue at special prices of 8.99 or 9.99. To add to this, all Warpmart customers purchasing two or Lex albums in one order will receive a FREE COPY of LEXAMPLE BLUE, the latest Lex featuring 16 tracks from all their current and upcoming artists. Find out more about the CD and the offer by clicking HERE.

Albums on at 8.99 are : Lexoleum Trilogy, Tes 'x2', and Boom Bip 'Corymb'.

Albums at 9.99 are : Boom Bip 'Seed to Sun', DJ Signify 'Sleep No More', Hymie's Basement 'Hymie's Basement', Non-Prophets 'Hope' and Dangermouse and Jemini 'Ghetto Pop Life'


Exclusive Screen Printed !!! T-Shirts

To celebrate the launch of 'Louden Up Now', we are selling an exclusive and strictly limited number of screen printed !!! t-shirts, designed by the band themselves. The design features the 3D exclamation marks that currently grace !!! posters across the UK.

The t-shirts themselves are fine quality American Apparel items and come in four colour combinations: duck-egg blue, egg-yolk/marmalade, prawn-pink and cream/oatmeal-brown. Lovely.




Venetian Snares 'Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding' Planet Mu

The latest release from Aaron Funk is just what we have come to expect - cutting edge and extremely intricate programming combined with wonderful musicality and complex, inspired timbres. The melodies are squashed but sublime and the Snares sound is certainly progressing.

Junior Boys 'Last Exit' KIN

This album should need no introduction after a landslide of glowing reviews. However, for those who choose not to take the words of a bunch of journos too seriously, let us assure you that this is an extremely special release and well worth your attention. Combining influences from UK garage to The Beloved, the Junior Boys have crafted a subtle, beautiful album of electronic pop music.

Cylob 'Spider Report' Breakin'

Cylob issues yet another dispiriting message to his competitors in the field of electronic composition by coming up with some of the funkiest, freshest beats and tunes around. The usual production skill and flair is very much in evidence, as this follow up to the latest Rephlex releases continues in a similar vein of pumping acidic analogue techno. Supercool.

Shadowhuntaz 'Vampire' Skam

The latest single on Skam is another slice from the fruitful collaboration between Funckarma and Chicago MC’s Breaf, Dream and Non. Including three new tracks, this continues in the dark, futuristic and experimental mode of the first album ‘Corrupt Data’, and promises big things for the forthcoming second album.


New Dance 12"s

Errorsmith 'Near Disco Dawn' Errorsmith '

Crazy, jerky and minimal interpretations of disco and r’n’b.

Dub Kult 'On and On' Raum Musik

Excellent new release by the Arcola star.

Kaito 'Soul of Heart' Kompakt

Powerful, driving strings plus exquisite technical production produce a hit for Kompakt.

T Raumschmiere ‘Querstromverspaner’ Novamute

More high quality techno music, drawn from ‘Radio Blackout’.

Narcotic Syntax ‘Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness EP’

Ultra funky drum programming in the minimal house style, all held together by some wicked live bass lines. Recommended.

Baby Ford ‘Basking in the Brake Lights’ Perlon

Return of acid techno legend Peter Ford. Check it!

Mad Mike ‘Windchime’ Underground Resistance

One of three new releases from UR to grace Warpmart.

Metope ‘Second Skin’ Sender Records

Seriously heavy acid house from Metope.

Big Rephlex Sale

Warpmart are happy to announce discount prices on some excellent titles from the Rephlex back catalogue, for a limited period only.

For the next few weeks, in conjunction with two of the most exciting releases in the recent history of the label (the ‘Grime’ album and the Luke Vibert album ‘Kerrier District’), you can purchase some extremely fine albums for a nice price of 5.99.

Titles include the 2003 compilation REPHLEXIONS, which features a wealth of Rephlex talent from the likes of Aphex Twin, Bogdan, Cylob and many others, and the Stakker and Humanoid CDs.

You can find a full list of all the titles included in the sale in the OTHER section of Warpmart, accessible by clicking the OTHER tab on the frontpage of the shop. Or simply click HERE for a list of all titles.




It's the Return … of Warp Packs!

Warp Packs have been very popular with the faithful and some have fallen slightly into disuse. However, we are proud to bring the mouldy ones back to life, since they offer excellent value and that’s a good thing (apparently). Available now are the following:

WARPACK01 - includes Aphex Twin '26 Mixes for Cash', Autechre 'Draft 7.30', Mira Calix 'Skimskitta' and Prefuse 73 'One Word Extinguisher'. Retails at 39.99.

WARPACK02 - includes LFO 'Sheath', Chris Clark 'Empty the Bones of You', Luke Vibert 'Yoseph' and Plaid 'Spokes'. Retails at 39.99.

WARPACK03 - includes all of the doublepack CDs from the Warp 10 series: Classics, Influeces, Remixes, as well as the special limited edition sampler Routine, available only from Warpmart. Retails at 39.99.

WARPACK04 - includes WAP100, Artificial Intelliegence II (feat Plaid and Autechre), Blech II and the Japanese Peel Sessions. Retails at 29.99.

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Please remember that there are many more new titles listed in the NEW RELEASES article on the front page of warpmart, which is updated every Friday.

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